Reseller Portal

Actionstep Integration

Illustration of two hands shaking above a contract to create a deal for business VoIP.

VIP VoIP is proud to announce the new Actionstep integration. This integration allows making and receiving calls directly within your web browser. There is no

VoIP trends for 2024

VoIP Marketing Growth

Business communication is constantly changing with the change in workplace dynamics and technological advancements. The business VoIP landscape is set to transform even more in

Speed Dials

smartphone as an office extension

Speed dial is the function that allows a user to place a call by pressing a reduced number of keys. On the VIP VoIP phone system,

Broadband Offerings

The importance of Business Broadband

We offer Broadband services to our resellers through the online portal. Resellers can request a quotation through the portal. We are able to link you

Integration with Cab9

Taxi with a man stood next to it on the phone

Cab9 is a comprehensive and streamlined dispatch solution with fully featured driver and passenger apps that seamlessly integrate with the workflow. Cab9 has been developed


How Can AI Improve VoIP?

What is AI and why has it become a buzzword in 2023? Artificial intelligence in its simplest form is a field, that combines computer science

Current Call Charges

Training and teaching with voip

We have added a ‘current call charges’ feature to the call logs section of our portal. A customer or reseller can see their current call

Diagnostics for the Android app

VoIP Jitters

We have added a new feature to our Android app. If a user complains about having trouble receiving calls on their mobile phone, it can

What Invoicing / PSA Software do you use?

our voip reseller service

VIP VoIP wants to increase the range of invoicing software our platform is compatible with. Manually creating invoices for monthly services can be a time-consuming