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5 Reasons To Choose Our VoIP Reseller Program


If you’re looking for a VoIP reseller program to expand your offering, you will already know that there are loads of VoIP providers out there, vying for your attention and proclaiming their offering to be the best. It can get confusing and all you want to do is add an additional service for your clients the easiest, fuss-free way.

Let us help you out and shortlist why you should choose our VoIP reseller proposition.

Not All VoIP Reseller Options Are Equal

Although VoIP offerings may all look the same that isn’t the case. There are two elements to a VoIP reseller programme – our solution (system benefits and features) and the support and service we offer to our resellers.

Even with the best VoIP solution in the world, being stuck trying to sell a solution when you don’t have support would be difficult. Not only do we provide you with a mega solution for your clients, but we also give you the tools to be able to easily sell and the support is always here when you need it.

Of course, that’s in addition to our offering being profitable and a great way to retain clients.

Top Five Reasons To Choose Our Reseller Proposition

  1. Double Your Money

Our solution is highly profitable for resellers with twice the opportunity to make money – from the initial sale of equipment and installation services and afterwards you earn money by collecting your customer’s monthly service charges.

  1. High Customer Retention Rate

Monthly service charges are secure as you will benefit from a high customers retention rate. Your customers will love the service so much, they won’t want to leave. There is no need to try and trap your clients in long-term contracts either – great service doesn’t need lengthy contracts. Our customer retention rate is at an all-time high of 97%!

  1. Low Risk

Working with us is easy and low risk. You only have to know how to sell and how to serve customers – there is no initial outlay for you and if it doesn’t work out for you (which we doubt!), there is no obligation to stick around. We don’t set any minimum targets for sales either. There is nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

  1. Pre-Sales Consultancy

We help you with pre-sales consultancy to ensure you are prepared to sell our solutions and are knowledgeable about the service and options. Your customer relationships are your own, but we are always there behind the scenes to offer support and guidance.

  1. Customisable

You can essentially make our offering your own – setting your pricing policies as well as your retail call rates. You can even apply your branding to all the customer-facing parts of the platform – your clients don’t need to know who we are. If required, we can also develop bespoke interfaces with your customers’ business applications.

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