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VIP VoIP Integration: Care Homes

Care Home VoIP

The experience of the pandemic proved that when you or your loved ones go into a care home, a first-class telephony service is one of the highest priorities within the growing Health and Social Care Sector. As a VoIP Reseller, you can be confident that a VIP VoIP telephone system will meet the ever-increasing demands put on Care Homes, including the high standards required to meet Care Quality Commission (CQC), targets. Families will be able to stay connected 24/7 even when they are being kept physically apart, and our ability to provide low-cost telephone numbers for resident rooms means privacy and dignity is maintained for all Care Home users.

The main communication requirements for all stakeholders connected to a care home are:

  • Capability to make or receive several calls at the same time – this is becoming increasingly important as the Care Quality Commission sets higher targets of service and care to residents.
  • Families want to be able to contact their relatives easily and it is vital that healthcare providers can communicate with care staff without constraints.
  • Residents who want to stay connected with each other within the care home.
  • Freedom to provide low-cost private telephone connections in residents’ rooms.
  • Redirecting non-care related calls to administrative staff to avoid distracting front-line care staff.

Our hosted VoIP systems make all this possible at a low cost.

  • A single broadband line will enable multiple simultaneous calls and calls can be queued until someone answers.
  • We can supply phones in residents’ rooms that are not tied to long-term contracts.
  • People can have their choice of phones including “big button” and hearing-aid compatible units.
  • We can provide care homes with separate telephone numbers for marketing and recruitment that ring on different phones.

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