Reseller Portal

VIP VoIP Integration: Reseller Portal

As a reseller, you use the VIP VoIP reseller portal to manage all your customer accounts, order products & services, create customised call tariffs and view your wholesale invoices.

Customer management

The reseller portal lets you:

  • Set up and maintain customer account details
  • Order VoIP servers, telephones, new numbers, number ports, and any special integration services
  • Manage the routing of customers’ telephone numbers
  • View and download call logs
  • Assign a call tariff to each customer
  • Maintain each customers’ specific call handling configuration
  • et up routine management reports for each customer

You can also enable your customers to access the portal so that they can manage their own accounts.

Customer Management

Tariff management

We have set up a standard retail call tariff which is applied by default to all your customers.   We also give you the freedom to define your own bespoke tariffs.   You could potentially have a bespoke tariff for each customer.    This allows you to change the price-per-minute for any call destination.   You can also set up free call allowances so that you can offer fixed-price call packages to your customers.

Our billing system automatically calculates each customer’s call charges based on the tariff you assign to them.

Telephone number management

Allocate new numbers to a customer with any UK area code
Request number ports from another service provider
Set up call forwarding on any number

Tariff management