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VIP VoIP Integration: Taxi Operators

VoIP For Taxi Operators

A fully-featured VoIP telephone system for taxi & private hire operators with built-in call popping and call recording

  • Unlimited call channels with just ONE telephone line
  • As many phone numbers as you need, with any area codes, you like
  • Phones can be used anywhere, even at your operators’ homes
  • Built-in call-popping interface to your booking management system
  • No expensive equipment to install – you only need some new phones
  • NO risk – you can try before you buy and there is no minimum contract
  • Enable anonymous driver-to-passenger calling with our call masking software

We integrate with all the popular dispatch management systems, including: Autocab, Cab9, Cab Despatch, Cab Treasure, CMS, Coded Data, Cordic, iCabbi, Marandy, MT-Data, Onde app, Onro, Sherlock, TBMS and TM Infosys.