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VIP VoIP Integration: Whatsapp for Business

Improve Customer Engagement with our Whatsapp Business Messaging Solutions

People like using Whatsapp often in preference to making a phone call or sending an email and they can respond in their own time. It’s quick and convenient.

Imagine being able to chat with your customers on Whatsapp using your business telephone number instead of using individual mobile numbers. Then imagine your whole sales or customer service team seeing these conversations on their computers.

Get your customer’s attention with a Whatsapp chat widget on your website. When they click on it, Whatsapp sends a message to your business telephone number, and it lands in a browser-based app that your whole team can access. You can set up templates for automated replies. The customer sees all messages come from your business name. Your team members can then chat with the customer.

You can also integrate the messaging service with our VoIP system for both inbound and outbound calls. When a customer rings your number and all your team members are busy, our system will play a message such as “We’re sorry to keep you waiting. Please continue to hold or press 1 to start a Whatsapp conversation”. When the customer chooses this option, a Whatsapp message is sent to their mobile number which invites them to start the conversation.

When your team makes an outbound call to a customer’s mobile number and there is no answer, our system will send a Whatsapp message to the customer automatically “We tried to call you a few minutes ago. Please reply and tell us a better time to call, or would you prefer to continue the conversation via Whatsapp?”