Reseller Portal

VIP VoIP Integration: Call Centres

Our VoIP call centre and VoIP call system technology provides the standard features of our hosted switchboard system with the addition of a complete set of tools and features for inbound and outbound calls.

  • Click-to-dial from CRM databases
  • Wallboard displays for real-time call performance monitoring – such as: Calls answered, Calls made, Calls in queue, Missed calls, Average time to answer
  • Bespoke management reporting (see below for more information)
  • “Listen-in” feature for supervisors to monitor calls
  • Agent login and logout

Management reporting dashboard for call statistics

Our web-based reporting dashboard lets your customers see important statistics about their call activity in tabular and graphical form. You can configure a customer’s dashboard to display exactly what they want on screen using a set of standard widgets and filters. For example:

  • Number of calls made and received by specific users or teams each day, each week and each month
  • Number of calls answered and missed, hour-by-hour each day
  • Breakdown of outgoing calls each month by destination (landlines, mobiles, countries)
  • Average duration of calls
  • Average and peak call queuing time
  • Average and peak number of calls waiting in a queue