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VIP VoIP Integration: FlipCX – Advanced IVR


FlipCX is an advanced voice assistant that is capable of assisting customers without human intervention.

When customers call a company, they’ll be instantly greeted by Flip. Flip will speak with them and figure out the situation, then either help them directly or pass it on to the customer support team when that makes more sense.

VIP VoIP is one of the few partners in the UK that can integrate with Flip.

FlipCX has already ventured into industries such as retail, e-commerce, and ground transportation. They are in the process of expanding to other verticals such as hospitality, healthcare, financial services, and QSRs.

Flip CX Marketplace shows all the systems and apps that they have partnered with. Most popular taxi dispatch software have integrated with Flip CX to offer live updates, reduce driver shortages, no-shows, and optimize the overall function. VIP VoIP has experience integrating phone systems with Flip CX and can help lead your project.

FlipCX and VIP VoIP integration