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VIP VoIP Integration: Veterinary Software

It is no secret that having efficient systems is a sure way to ensure the success of an institution. A good communication system coupled with the right practice management software will help a veterinary clinic run its operations smoothly in a streamlined manner.

A veterinary practice should be equipped to handle calls from distressed pet owners and others trying to schedule routine visits. Vet clinics should be contactable at all times during work hours to ensure they earn and maintain a good reputation as a reliable and contactable veterinary practice.

In a dynamic and time-critical organisation like veterinary practices, communications must be crystal clear. Our cloud telephone systems can easily integrate with your veterinary practice software to provide vets with all the features needed to run their operations effectively and guarantee a high level of customer service. We are also able to review your current phone setup to identify bottlenecks and resourcing issues for your call load.

All of our phone systems are geared toward helping small businesses improve communication, reduce business costs and offer a better customer experience. For veterinary practices, there are additional benefits to using a cloud-based phone system for vet-specific challenges. These are some of our phone system’s features tailored to help veterinary clinics and their staff.

  • Greeting messages
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call queueing
  • Call-popping
  • VIP numbers
  • Mobile app and roaming extensions
  • Out-of-hours call management and virtual receptionist services
  • Call logging and call recording
  • Management system integrations
  • Multi-site connectivity