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VIP VoIP Integration: Charities

Free Phone Systems For Charities

VIP VoIP are proud to announce our initiative for free telephone systems for charities. Any organisation that is a UK registered charity may be eligible for a free telephone system. Simply fill out the contact form below and we’ll take care of the rest.

Telephone systems can be hugely important to a charity. Charities often need to make large numbers of calls as part of their fund raising efforts. Also they quite often receive large numbers of calls from the public wanting to make donations. Telephone contact with field workers is also often a part of the day to day operations of a charity.

Providing a free phone system to a charity can be a good way of building a trusting relationship with the charity that may lead to opportunities to provide other services later down the line. It can also be a great way of networking for a reseller as the people involved in charities are often involved in other enterprises.