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VIP VoIP Integration: VIP Virtual Receptionist

VIP Receptionist With VoIP

Never miss an important call from a customer again with a VIP virtual receptionist; an answering service for busy people.

When people call your company they would clearly like to speak to someone in person. That can be difficult to guarantee if you have a small team who are often out of the office.

Potential new customers can easily be put off and try elsewhere if they cannot get through to you.

With our VIP Virtual Receptionist service we will automatically re-direct calls that you cannot answer to a friendly person in our administration centre who will answer the call in your company name and with your preferred style of greeting.

They will take a message and pass it on to you promptly be email.

You choose the criteria for redirecting calls to the VIP Receptionist. We can make it completely automatic, after a specified ringing time or at certain times of the day. Alternatively you can force the redirection manually by keying a simple command on your phone.

The service costs from £25 per month and we operate 08:00 – 20:00 every week-day.

If you would like an answering service as a busy business owner then we are the company for you. Get in touch to find out more.