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7 Ways VoIP will boost your marketing strategy

The rapid growth of VoIP systems and their endless features have made them the number one choice for many businesses around the world. However, many still don’t realise that VoIP is more than just a telephone system and that it can be used to improve the company positioning in the market and increase leads and sales. Here’s how:

1- Increase Conversation

Communication is the key to your business success. Many business owners nowadays think that online channels are the best way to reach out to their clients. Instead of spending 45 minutes on the phone speaking with one client, you can create an email and send it out to thousands of clients in half the time. However, statistics are against this method. A recent study by Salesforce concluded that telephone outreach out-converted emails by a significant margin (8.21% vs 0.03%). A result that can’t be ignored if you’re looking to increase your sales. So how can VoIP help? VoIP is an advanced telephone system that requires no special on-site equipment and line installation. It allows you to call your clients no matter where they are at a low-cost rate. Thus, you will be able to actively engage with your clients and keep them interested in your brand while saving a lot of money on your monthly telephone bill.

2- Increase Customer Satisfaction

We live in a fast-paced world where people want to reach needed information or services immediately without being passed from one agent to another or wait on hold for hours listening to boring music. VoIP offers many advanced features that help to increase your customers satisfaction, such as auto-attendance, greeting messages, queue management, out-of-hours call handling, customised on-hold music and more. These features ensure that your clients will reach the right agent or needed information with no delay and thus, boost your brand.

3- Geographical Targeting

VoIP allows you to choose any geographical number for your business no matter where you are actually located. This feature allows you to virtually expand your area of work by having different telephone numbers with the area code of different locations, giving your business a local appeal among new clients and increase your sales in new areas.

4- Maximise Your Availability

VoIP offers many useful features like “call hunting” that facilitate daily communications and enable those who work out of their offices or travel outside of the country for meetings to be easily reached by their clients. It’s like taking the office number or extension with you no matter where you go. You can set up your VoIP system to transfer an incoming call to your mobile number, a landline, or even a voicemail, or you can set it up to broadcast an incoming call to many different numbers at the same time until it’s answered, maximising your availability and improving the relationship with your clients.

5- Advertisement Tracking

VoIP allows you to have different telephone numbers for your business. This is not only beneficial to expand your geographical reach and build a trust with clients in different locations but also to track the success of your advertisements; Put different numbers in to individual adverts and see which one is working better for your business. You can view how many calls where made using that number and match it up to your sales records to see the correlation between adverts and sales.

6- Website Tracking

Same as advertisements, you can track your customers journey on your website and analyse which page is most successful in getting users to contact you by placing different telephone numbers on the top of each page.

7- Free-of-Charge Numbers

VoIP allows you to get a free-of-charge number at an affordable rate, enabling your clients to reach you no matter where they are located without incurring long-distance charges. This will enhance your business reputation in the market and increase your customers satisfaction leading to more sales.

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