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Are VoIP Systems Good For Helping Lone Workers?


A VoIP system probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you are looking at systems or technology to help lone workers. But you may be surprised to hear that there are ways a VoIP system can benefit people who work alone, so this week we are answering the question: Are VoIP Systems Good For Helping Lone Workers?

Lone Working

Lone working has become more widespread in recent years, with mobile phones, laptops and tablets making it much easier to work from different locations.

As lone working has increased, so too has lone worker safety awareness, with much more technology available to help people work safely.

Mobile phones have made it more convenient to communicate with colleagues, reply to emails etc but the functionality is limited. Certainly, when compared to an office VoIP phone system.

How Can VoIP Help?

A VoIP system can give you the benefits of a business telephone system. For example, if an employee takes a work call on a mobile linked to a VoIP system and you are unavailable, you can use the same hold music that would be used if they were in the office.

Calls can be redirected to different extension groups, if one is engaged then it moves to the next available extension.

Customers can reach you using one telephone number, wherever your employees are, and regardless of whether they are using their mobile phones, laptops or tablets.

So, each and every time they want to contact you, instead of having to try different extensions and write down mobile numbers because Steve is on lunch and Rebecca is on a training course until 3:30 pm, they can speak to someone as soon as possible.

Conference calls can be easily arranged wherever your workers happen to be. Instead of having to find a home or office with a landline.

They effectively turn a mobile phone into an office phone.

As far as any clients are concerned, they are speaking to someone in the office, which gives your business a more consistent and professional image.

Video conference calls or meetings are much more prevalent these days, often these take time to arrange because not everyone has access to the same software. Two employees might have skype but not google hangouts and vice versa. One might be compatible with iphones but not android phones, or use a free application but other workers have paid apps etc.

With a VoIP system they can be easily arranged using one system for all employees, cutting down the cost and amount of time needed to download various software and applications.

Money Money Money

Of course, one benefit is the cost. Obviously, there is the initial cost of a VoIP system, but the long-term benefits and savings, in our opinion, far outweigh the cost.

One aspect that is often overlooked is how VoIP systems look after telephone billing and analysis.

If you have lone workers with different mobile phones with different providers, it can be tricky to collect and collate bills accordingly.

It can also provide useful call analysis so you can easily see who call usage history and costs.

Similarly, for the employees, it can very easy to allow their personal and business call usage to overlap. If all their work-related calls are routed through one VoIP system, it is a lot more effective.

Lone Worker Personal Safety

These days, good connectivity with lone workers is paramount. If you are able to contact your employees easily you can always be sure where they are working, and they can easily contact you if they are in a tricky situation. Being able to call into the office and speak to someone can make all the difference to their safety.

There are several companies that provide Lone Worker software and hardware. They often have smart phone apps that can utilise VoIP Technology, as VoIP calls are used through broadband, the call quality is more consistent and stable than standard telephone lines.

Becoming A VoIP Reseller

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