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Basic VoIP User Guide

This basic VoIP user guide explains how to do routine operations on your telephone system. The basic functions, such as transferring calls, managing voicemail and arranging simple conference calls, are explained thoroughly.

If you wish to learn how to set up the more advanced features of the system then we can supply you with a comprehensive system administration manual. You are also welcome to ask our technical support team for advice and practical assistance with any features and options.

Telephone support is always free of charge and we relish the challenge of adding personalised features for our customers telephony needs.

This user guide is specifically for Yealink Telephones as these are our recommended product for getting the most from your telephone system. We can also help with other models and makes of phones so do get in touch if you want to adapt your current phones to our VoIP telephony system.

This guide does not describe of all features of your telephone handsets. If you need information about a specific feature of your Yealink telephones then please consult the separate manual for your model of phone. You can also contact us for further assistance.

Content of VoIP User Guide

  • About this guide
  • System overview
  • Making Calls
  • Using the built-in directory
  • Handling multiple incoming calls
  • Transfering a Call
  • Desk-phones with a dedicated “Transfer” button
  • Cordless phones without a “Transfer” button
  • Diverting calls on your extension to another number
  • Option 1: Call forwarding via the switchboard
  • Option 2: Call forwarding on your phone
  • Voicemail Management
  • Managing personal voicemail greetings and messages
  • Managing Group Voicemail Boxes
  • Conference calling
  • Pick up a call on another ringing phone
  • Advanced Features – including call groups, hunt groups, queues and much more
  • System Control Codes
  • System Codes for System Administrators only

Download Guide

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