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Using a laptop to make a call through VoIP

When it comes to making a call, Voice over IP (VoIP) gives you many possibilities. You can call through the VoIP telephone devices at your office, use a small application installed on your mobile or your tablet, or simply use your PC or laptop to make calls.

Here are two pieces of advice to get the best experience when using your laptop to make a call through VoIP:

Get a high-quality headset

Using your laptop’s built-in speakers and microphone to make a call might have a negative impact on your relationship with your clients. First, you won’t be able to provide the same level of privacy for your client since anyone in the room or passing by your office for example can hear what both of you are talking about.

Second, the sound quality of your built-in speakers is usually limited and can become very noisy when you turn up the volume to the maximum level. This will affect the overall experience of your call, not to mention the ability to hear the person on the other side of the line clearly.

You can choose any good quality headset from the market, or opt for VoIP headsets to enjoy more features like voice recognition, audio adjustment, flexible book, etc.

Internet connection

VoIP uses the internet to make and receive calls, which means that a slow internet connection can make the quality of your VoIP calls very poor.

The minimum bandwidth you need to get good quality calls depends on the number of concurrent calls you’ll be making, starting from 100 kbps bandwidth for a single call, up to 2 mbps for 20 concurrent calls. Keep in mind that you’ll need to get a faster internet connection if you are planning to make HD video calls through your VoIP.

It is also recommended to adjust the settings of your router to prioritise voice calls on your data network. This option will prevent other applications from affecting the quality of your call.

One more piece of advice…

If you are connected to the WIFI in a coffee shop or a restaurant for example and want to make an urgent call through your VoIP. Test the quality of the call first by calling your home or a friend to make sure that you can hear them clearly with no issues.

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