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Billing Booth

Billing Booth is a cloud-based telecoms invoicing and billing platform. Their solution is designed to suit small to medium scaled businesses and key features include billing, invoicing, work order management, and financial reporting. They have a 30-day unrestricted free trial for anyone who wishes to trial their platform. Billingbooth offers integration with QuickBooks, Xero, KashFlow, Sage, and more. It is priced per the number of invoices issued. Support is offered through an online knowledge base. VIP VoIP’s Call Detail Records (CDRs) are compatible with Billing Booth’s platform.

By combining VIP VoIP data with the Billing Booth platform you get a low-cost solution for invoicing your customers every month. Also, our platform has support for importing CDRs from many other telecom platforms to help with billing.

Get in touch with us on 03300881182,, or by filling out our contact form if you need help setting up.