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Business VoIP For Startups


There are lots of pressures put on startups. Let’s face it, starting a new business is tough and sorting out IT and telephony equipment is generally not what most founders set up their business for. So we are here to explain business VoIP for Startups and how it can help get you over the initial set up hurdle.


For most new business owners and business founders, coming up with the idea for the business is the easiest step, in what will likely be a long, frustrating and perhaps only occasionally rewarding endeavour.


All businesses have got over that hump though and the thoughts of the successes of businesses such as Amazon, Facebook and Google can really spur on an entrepreneur in those early days, because those businesses must have got over those early niggles. Even Microsoft founders had to make a decision about telephone system equipment at one point or another.


Often founders of businesses will put off some decisions. This reluctance to commit can be because they find it difficult to understand the solutions on offer or because they can’t envisage where their business will be in a relatively short period of time. This can be especially true when they are considering IT and hardware solutions, which can seem costly and can feel like a never-ending process.


Most new businesses, but particularly unfunded startups, have to be frugal and be conscious of their outgoings, due to their limited resources. But there are some things that can’t be avoided for very long. Telephony is normally one such thing. It is also important to make the right decision from the beginning of the startup, so a solution doesn’t have to be changed in the relatively short term.

VoIP for Startup business

VoIP offers the opportunity for businesses to grow in a scalable and affordable manner. This is what can make VoIP the ideal solution for startups. The main objections founders and executives in startup businesses will come up with will be based around these issues, whereas functionality will often be a secondary consideration unless there is a specific need of the business.


VoIP solutions are generally more cost-effective than regular telephone systems. This is because with a normal telephone solution the customer pays for the minutes spent on the phone making calls. VoIP works in a different way. With a VoIP solution, calls are treated as data packages, which are then passed over the internet through the IP system.


When a VoIP system is up and running, ordinarily there is no need to have to install new infrastructure and buy new hardware during expansion phases. This can be especially beneficial to startup businesses, which can often experience rapid personnel expansion and can frequently experience issues of scaling with technology. With VoIP, it’s often simply a case of getting a new computer and headset.


A typical VoIP service offers other features that would have had separate subscriptions for, such as call analytics, voicemail, caller ID, conferencing (including video conferencing), call recording and call forwarding. These can be useful features for startup businesses that need to provide support services for their clients without the costs associated with expensive more in-depth and integrated contact centre solutions.


Many VoIP services can even be run from an app from on an employee’s smartphone without the employee have any cost associated with normal telephone calls. This can be useful for those startup businesses that are experimenting with having employees who don’t work from a central location or who work in the field, without committing to the provision of mobile phones and their associated contracts.


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