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Call Recording With VoIP

At VIP VoIP we realise people are not machines. While we all strive to be the best at our jobs none of us can claim to have perfect recall. That’s why having call recording can be essential for getting complete clarity and never missing information. Whether it’s a legal matter that needs a clear record or for training purposes the VIP Vault can help.

With the VIP Vault all the calls to and from your phones can be recorded. Those recordings are then placed in our portal for you to search and playback. Members of your team can be given their own logins to access the call recordings.

We also provide an API so you can integrate your own software with the VIP Vault. You can also automate downloading the recordings if you need onsite copies for your organisation.

If you’re worried about sensitive information being recorded, such as credit card information, then don’t worry. We provide tools so that you can pause the recording at any time during a call. This can form an important part of PCI DSS compliance.

Finally we provide filtering at a phone level. This means you can choose which phones you want to be recorded and which phones you don’t. So if there is a particularly member of staff that doesn’t need to be recorded then they don’t have to be. Call recording is simple, easy to use and can be a life saver for business.