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Can I Get A Business Phone System Without A Lengthy Contract?


Long contracts, who needs them? More and more people now object to the idea of lengthy contracts and hate the idea of being tied into a product or service – especially if the solution doesn’t work for them.

It’s the same when it comes to phone systems for business – you probably don’t want to be tied down to a long contract and agree to use a system for X amount of years before you’ve even had chance to assess if the solution is right for you.

This is where VoIP phone systems outshine traditional telephone solutions – with so many contract options and flexibility, you are sure to find the perfect contract for your business.

Do VoIP Phone Systems Have Contracts?

Although most VoIP solutions will have some sort of contract for you to sign, they won’t be the age old ‘you must use this service for the next three years with no escape’ type of contract!

Gone are the days when once you had signed on the dotted line you were committed to keeping a phone solution for along time.

Instead, most VoiP providers and resellers will offer different types of contracts, based on your exact requirements.

Whether that be a short-term contract, or you want something a bit more substantial. Or maybe a pay as you go VoIP solution?

Another great benefit of a VoIP solution when it comes to contracts is how most solutions will be scalable. Your contract should allow for this; great for growing businesses.

Scalable contracts can also be used the opposite way – perhaps you’ve had a site closure or an area of the business that is no longer operating? With a flexibility of a VoIP solution, you phone system contract will reflect your business as it currently is.

How Flexible Are VoIP Contracts?

As mentioned, most VoIP sellers will offer incredibly flexible contracts and terms; usually to your surprise too. But how and why are such contracts available?

One of the best things about VoIP is the agility of the technology – because VoIP can be set up very quickly, there is no need to be tied to lengthy contracts.

In the past, telephone providers wanted you to sign a long contract to ensure it was worth the effort of setting the system up – this is when physical phone lines needed to be connected and handsets installed. VoIP works in a very different way – through the internet in fact. Meaning that new customers can be set up rapidly and the system is just as easy to end, should a customer no longer wish to use the service.

Of course, VoIP providers don’t need you to know this information and in theory could tie you into a long contract, but most providers recognise that people just don’t want long contracts and it makes a product a harder sell.

Market demand is for short, flexible contracts which can be terminated at any point – especially in a case where a supplier doesn’t meet the expectations of a customer.

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If you want to find out more about the rules and regulations on contracts, Ofcom provide a guide on what to look for and how to complain.

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