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A case study on implementing Microsoft Teams into a client’s call flow

A leading firm of financial advisors with offices around the UK wanted to integrate Microsoft Teams into their call flows. The company had invested in a VoIP system some time ago and wanted to continue building on that platform to achieve unified communications. They were keen on fully integrating with the Microsoft 365 ecosystem to optimize how they work with offices spread out across the UK. They also wanted to offer convenience to their clients.

A huge part of integrating Microsoft Teams into their call flow was to remain connected and be able to collaborate effectively with staff and clients. This integration enabled a more dynamic workflow, and the ability to work fast and securely from any device or location.

Due to our hybrid technology we were able to connect individual offices and users to Microsoft Teams without causing disruption to their existing phone system. Call recording was all handled in our centralized portal and the firm was free to roll out the adoption of Teams at a pace that suited them.

The benefits of this integration were immediate. It allowed for easy sharing of data and the ability to work together on projects through a single screen with crisp clear voice quality. Integrating Microsoft Teams also enabled instant messaging, video conferencing, and virtual meetings, both with internal and external users.

Other benefits that ensued:

1. Productivity Improvements – As a firm of financial advisors, staff and managers were able to fix meetings with clients swiftly when meeting face-to-face was not an option. No time was wasted re-scheduling and meetings took place while the client’s interest in the firm’s services was at its peak. This worked well with their clients’ schedules too.
2. Unified and improved communications and collaboration regardless of location and device. This integration supports any work model the firm wishes to adopt at any given time (work from office/hybrid/remote).
3. Cost savings for the firm – when a physical meeting can become a virtual meeting.