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VoIP Case Study: School of Motoring VoIP System

We operate as booking agents for many other independent driving instructors in the Solent area. We are able to offer very competitive terms for our services because we have invested in internet-based technologies to automate many of our routine administration processes. This enables us to keep our operating overheads very low.

Three years ago we wanted to move office and we were looking for a low-cost telephone solution which would meet our particular objectives:

* Keep our existing phone numbers

* Advertise with different local area telephone numbers in different towns

* Forward out-of-hours calls automatically to our third-party call answering centre

* Answer calls in different locations such as employees’ homes

One of our suppliers recommended the VIP VoIP system and I found that it could manage everything we wanted at a very sensible price. The consultant responded to my many questions honestly and patiently. They made a clear proposition to me and they did exactly what they promised.

We use the VIP VoIP virtual switchboard which connects to a number of VoIP telephones in several locations. I can even connect my iPhone to it and use the mobile device as an extension of our business phone system. We have about 20 telephone numbers with different area codes and the system routes incoming calls to our extensions. The software makes it very easy for me to change the way that calls are handled on any of our numbers.

Managing Director