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Debunking 5G Myths


For many people, there was already an invisible threat to the population long before COVID-19 broke out. And this invisible threat was 5G.

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, the sheer volume of myths and conspiracy theories about 5G seemed to have spiralled out of control.

In this blog, we’re going to be talking about 5G and debunking a few of the most common myths.


What Is 5G And Why Does It Matter To VoIP?

Put simply, 5G is an upgraded version of the wireless technology we all use on a day to day basis. Mobile technology is continuously evolving.

3G allowed us to have the smartphones we now can’t live without. 4G made web browsing so quick that we can now stream movies whilst on the go.

The 5th generation of wireless technology is not only much faster than its predecessors, but it is also more reliable, more responsive, and can connect thousands of devices at the same time.

5G has been designed to improve the way we connect and communicate – which is why it’s important to VoIP and the businesses that rely on it.


When Did 5G Roll Out?

EE was the first major network to roll out 5G in the UK back in May 2019. This was quickly followed by Vodaphone and O2. Today, BT Mobile, Sky Mobile, Three, VOXI, and Tesco Mobile all offer 5G to their customers.

However, this fifth-generation technology has not yet rolled out across the whole of the UK. It is currently only available in certain areas, predominantly cities.

It has been reported that it is not yet as consistent as 4G in the areas that claim to have full 5G coverage. Although, considering we are still in the early stages of this technology, this is to be expected.

It may take years for 5G to completely transform mobile communications and technology.


Debunking Common 5G Myths

For many years, anti-5G activists have protested against the use of 5G in the UK and around the world. As the fifth-generation technology began to roll out, the voice of the anti-5Gers grew louder, until eventually the internet and social media was brimming with conspiracy theories and myths.

When the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe like wildfire at the start of 2020, the rumour that 5G was connected to the virus spread with it.

It even got to the point where mobile phone masts were being vandalised and mobile phone companies were on the receiving end of harassment.

As 5G is set to become the future of telecommunications as we know it, we thought it would be wise to debunk a few of these 5G myths. Hold on to your (tinfoil) hats kids.


Is 5G Connected To The Spread Of Coronavirus?

No. Absolutely not. There is no scientific evidence or any credible evidence for that matter, that suggests, implies, or proves that 5G is responsible for causing or transmitting COVID-19.

Instead, there is evidence that COVID-19 is transmitted through human contact and respiratory droplets aka coughing and sneezing.


Can 5G Cause Health Problems Such As Cancer?

From the introduction of mobile phones to the rolling out of each technological generation, conspiracy theorists have claimed that the health of the population was at risk. They have continuously pushed the idea that radiation was causing cancer among other illnesses.

The truth is, wireless devices, including mobile phones and 5G devices, transmit radio waves which are on the non-ionizing end of the electromagnetic spectrum.

These devices are low-powered radiofrequency transmitters, which according to the World Health Organisation, cause no adverse health effects.

Public Health England also stated that as long as overall exposure remains low, there will be no consequences to public health.


Can 5G Be Used To Spy On Me?

The whole Huawei-5G mess, which saw the UK remove Chinese phone company Huawei from the UK’s 5G mobile networks, fuelled anti-5G activists.

There has been a worry that China will use Huawei’s 5G network to hack and disrupt communications if there was ever to be a dispute between countries.

The concerns surrounding Huawei led many people to believe that their mobile devices could be easily hacked through 5G. But again, this isn’t true.

A problem between world leaders that hasn’t yet occurred does not mean your tech-savvy neighbour can use 5G to hack into your mobile and spy on you. 5G is just as secure as the generations before it.


Is 5G Killing Small Animals?

Another fake news story that gained momentum across social media was that 5G was killing birds and other small animals.

Thankfully, scientific experts have confirmed that no, of course, 5G is not killing birds. The radio wave emissions transmitted by wireless technology, such as mobile phones, are not known to harm animals or humans.

Do you know what is harming birds though? Climate change. And habitat loss. And a handful of other preventable issues. But 5G isn’t one of them.


Will 5G Replace Broadband?

Ok, let’s end on a relatively normal note, shall we? Will 5G replace the Wi-Fi in your home or office? No, it isn’t very likely. Despite the rumours, 5G will not replace broadband.


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We hope this blog has helped with debunking 5G myths which have been circulation social media during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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