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Does My Business Need A Personalised Phone System?


When you need a personalised phone system, choosing a new VoIP provider can be tricky especially when you need a system that needs a heavy amount of personalisation. You may need features that are industry specific or you might just want the ability to record personal messages.

This blog post looks at a few of the areas where a VoIP system can be tweaked and why you would want to do that.

How Can I have a Personalised Phone System?

Most VoIP providers offer ways that you can make their service your own, but with such a range of options it can be tricky working out what you need and what will benefit your business.

Here are some of the areas you may choose to personalise and why you would do that.

One of the first and most requested ways to personalise a phone system is one of the most obvious aspects – the phone number. The number that your customers see and contact you on is incredibly important for some businesses. Maybe you want to keep an existing number, set up local numbers for a geographic presence, or have a main national number. This is all possible with a VoIP phone solution.

Now, lets get into the details. A way to truly make a phone system your own is by having the ability to choose how calls are handled. This is important for businesses with large or multiple sites, and different team. With the VIP VoIP solution, you’ll have complete control over how calls go in and out of the system. You can route calls to different teams, provide automated menus and deal with calls for staff who are busy or unavailable. Out of hours call handling is easy too; forward out of hours calls to voicemail or mobiles. Whatever behaviour of call handling you need; our solution can be tailored.

Phone line open hours, greeting messages and menu options can all be personalised to your business with a VoIP solution; often at a lower cost and much easier than with a traditional analogue system.

Industry Specific Personalisation

The first part of this blog covered features that most businesses would find useful, but what if your company has very specific needs, common to your industry?

VoIP is useful because of its flexible qualities, some of the industries that can benefit from a personalised VoIP solution are care home, taxi companies, and call centres.

For businesses in these industries, a flexible phone solution is a must. Especially businesses with call centres. Employees will deal with a high volume of calls and need lots of different options for call handling, ability to record calls and menu options for callers.

In the care industry, commonly needed features include; the capability to make or receive several calls at the same time – this is becoming increasingly important as the Care Quality Commission sets higher targets of service and care to residents.

Care home bosses may also need a solution that gives them the ability to provide low-cost private telephone connections in residents’ rooms.

For taxi firms, we have an existing solution that can be further adapted. Our VoIP for taxi companies is a full-featured telephone system for taxi and private hire operators with built-in call popping and call recording.

Need a Personalised Phone Solution?

Whether you are a small business wanting customised menus or a huge national company with complex requirements, VIP VoIP have a solution for all your communication needs.

As a company that specialises in personalisation for our clients, there isn’t any challenge that we would shy away from. We have experience in the industries mentioned above but can create bespoke VoIP solutions for any business. Get in touch for more information.