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Does VoIP Keep My Data Private?


The 28th January is Data Privacy Day and we thought it would be a good time to answer one of the questions you are always going to get asked as a VoIP reseller, does VoIP keep my data private?

Network Protection

VoIP data is just as important as other data that goes in and out of an IT Network.

One of the most important business relationships you will have as a VoIP reseller is with your customers IT Department.

A good working relationship with them will provide a seamless installation of VoIP software and hardware.

It will also mean that the VoIP data is given the same level of protection as other data.

For larger companies they will most probably have sufficient firewalls and other layers of protection in place, but for smaller or start-up companies this is less likely to be the case.

If you are able to help them with how to keep their data private then you will be seen as knowledgeable, helpful and will be very likely to get good feedback and possibly a customer referral.

Here are a few pointers to help you get started when you are asked “Does VoIP keep my data private?”

Up To Date Firewalls To Keep My Data Private

Firewalls and virus checkers are a must have for any business, but it is all too easy to download them and forget about them.

Companies need to make sure that they are regularly updated. Most firewalls and virus checkers will send desktop alerts when they expire or need to download a new version.

Cyber criminals are always on the lookout for new ways to hack into systems and once they find a way in, the firewall software providers need to update their product and issue the update to their customers.

For some more guidance on good firewall practice that will help you to keep data private, the good people at have produced these 7 handy tips.

System And Networking Testing

Any reputable IT Dept will carry out testing on anything that is going to be added to their network before it goes ‘live’

Most will have a test area, which is usually a copy of their network on standalone server that can be checked for any vulnerabilities.

So, ask your customers if their IT provider is going to do this as it is incredibly vital it is done before anything is integrated to the network.

VoIP Call Analysis And Behaviour Monitoring

VoIP call analysis is fairly self-explanatory, but VoIP behaviour monitoring may be a little more difficult to understand.

Call behaviour monitoring is a way of finding out the amount of call data size and frequency in a VoIP communications system.


Often this will be used to check to see if there is an unusual spike in data usage within the network and then this will be picked up and analysed by the IT Dept or IT Provider.

This type of VoIP data behaviour analysis is also used to monitor the range of IP addresses that are used for any calls coming in or out of the network.

Most IT providers issue a range of IP addresses to any device that is connected to their network. So, if a device with an unusual IP address shows up it is easy to detect and investigate.

This will also apply to any calls coming into the network, they will be assigned an IP address and the IT provider will know to look out for any anomalies or unusual activity

Along with other relevant data, an IP address is used to identify the location of any device or call on a network.

So, for example if company is based in Milton Keynes and the majority of their voice call communications are local to Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas, then call behaviour monitoring will identify a range of IP addresses from China and the IT Depart can investigate to find out if they are being infiltrated.

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Hopefully we have  given you some good starting points for you to do some more research, this way you be sure that you are fully prepared with a wealth of knowledge and information for when you are asked (and we are sure that you will be…) does VoIP keep my data private?

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