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How to Escape Phone Contracts

What can you do if you are tied into a long telephone services contract and you want to change your supplier?

Most suppliers would ask you to pay a hefty cancellation charge but you do not have to accept that. Times have changed and Ofcom has becoming stricter with suppliers. You are entitled to switch and your supplier should only charge you a “reasonable” fee to end your contract early.

We have helped many companies to challenge high cancellation charges. In every case the supplier has backed down. We have never failed and we will gladly help anyone to escape from existing contract if there are interested in using our services,

Some useful things to know are that:

* You have the right to transfer your telephone numbers from one supplier to another at any time even if you are still in a contract. They cannot hold the number as black mail to keep you in service but many companies will threaten you with this possibility. Do not listen to them, you can always have your number if you want to keep it.

* A supplier is entitled to charge a penalty if you cancel your contract early but the charge must be reasonable and it must only take into account the actual cost to the supplier.

* If your contract contains clauses which refer to early cancellation penalties then these must be shown clearly on the main page and the calculation method must be clearly explained.

* If you didn’t actually sign anything then it probably is not enforceable.

We never ask our customers to sign a minimum term contract. Our customers stay loyal because they like our service. It keeps us on our toes.

So if you aren’t happy with your supplier then give us a call 033 0088 1182 and enjoy a new, friendlier approach to telecoms.