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Essential Bits of Kit Every Office Needs


From the smallest businesses to huge companies, there are certain bits of office kit that are essential to keep your workplace ticking over. Essential office kit ensures that tasks get done efficiently and that staff are safe too. Here are our top five bits of office kit.

5 Essential Pieces of Office Kit

Here are the top pieces of kit we recommend for a business of any size:

  1. VoIP telephones

A reliable way of communicating with colleagues and clients is essential. Most businesses these days are choosing VoIP telephone systems to keep in touch – thanks to their affordability and flexibility. VoIP can be used to keep in touch via phone calls, video conference calls, and employees have the options to go phoneless – all that’s needed to stay in touch is an internet connection.

VoIP isn’t as expensive as you might think either – some small businesses might feel that a VoIP system is out of their budget, but this isn’t true. Read our blog on VoIP myths to find out more about pricing and other myths about VoIP.

  1. Networking and Internet

Of course, VoIP needs an internet connection and many other tasks do too. Having the ability to connect to the world, your potential customers and each other is essential for normal business function. Internal networks are also important for file sharing and storage.

Regarding internet, a Wi-Fi network is also an essential for any business. Wi-Fi means that your employees can connect to your network no matter where they are in the building. Plus you can create guest networks for any customers you may have on site.

  1. Computer equipment

There aren’t many businesses that could function without computers and laptops. Even the smallest of businesses will need a computer for tasks like invoicing, updating your website or preparing quotes.

Of course, there are many tasks you can carry out on a smart phone these days, but most tasks will be more efficient when done on a desktop computer or laptop. To go with computer equipment, you will likely need a printer too. Even though businesses should look to cut down on paper use, there are some occasions where a printer is necessary.

  1. Safety equipment

Keeping employees safe is important, no matter what size your business is. Basics include fire alarms and extinguishes, and health and safety policies. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are a good place to start and have a page that runs through all the basic safety precautions you should make.

Another piece of equipment you might want to consider are lone worker devices. If you have employees that work alone, a device such as the KIT device from First2HelpYou is ideal for protecting staff.

  1. Kettle or coffee machine

Finally, we recommend a good kettle or coffee machine! Here at VIP VoIP we would be lost without our coffee so we’re making the call that some way of making hot drinks is an office essential!

A kettle is handy for cups of tea but if you want to keep staff sustained with good coffee, maybe invest in a decent coffee machine. Biscuits, of course, are also classed as essential.

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