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Horizon Reseller Alternative

If you are an existing VoIP Reseller for products such as Horizon, we can provide a fresh alternative wholesale VoIP solution.

In fact, we work with lots of VoIP resellers who had previously worked with other wholesale VoIP suppliers. They just weren’t happy with the product, service or the competition, so they turned to VIP VoIP to solve their telecom issues. Our VoIP reseller proposition is a fantastic Horixon reseller alternative.

Common Horizon Reseller Issues

We believe we can provide something else when you come up against these issues:

  • Are you bumping into other resellers on your patch who are selling exactly the same product on the same terms at the same price?
  • Would you like to compete on something other than price?
  • Would you like more control over what you sell?

Undoubtedly the practice of stacking high and selling cheap benefits only the wholesale provider and does not allow the actual reseller to grow due to competition. Read on to find out how VIP VoIP are different.

VIP VoIP has a different approach.

  • Apply your own branding to our services, at no extra cost
  • Package up solutions exactly how you like and set your own prices for your customers
  • You own your customers, not us
  • We do not impose minimum term contracts on you or your customers
  • The platform will do everything that any customer would expect from a telephone system
  • If a customer wants something that we don’t have, we will make it
  • We only want one reseller in a major town or City
  • Above all, we do not want resellers competing with each other
  • Last but not least, we have a 97% year-on-year customer retention rate despite our no-contract policy

If you are looking for a Horizon reseller alternative you can trust, you have found it!

What next?

If you think we could work together, then why not look at our reseller proposition in more depth. We also have a wealth of resources on our blog as well as reseller resources area. Or better yet, have a talk with us. As a telecoms company we like to talk, so why not give us a call on 03300881182, or drop us a message using the form below.

We look forward to working with you as a reseller partner.