Reseller Portal

Hourly Performance Report

We have recently added a new feature that shows the hourly performance of agents in a call queue. This feature can be easily enabled from within the portal. The most significant report under this feature is ‘Lost Calls Daily’. The objective of this report is to show a summary of abandoned calls during each hour of the day. This report can give your customers valuable insight into how their call queues are performing and the staffing levels related to it. This report provides visibility on when the calls were abandoned, with columns that display a count of calls lost within 10, 15, 30, 45, 60 seconds, and after 60 seconds. In addition, it will show the total number of abandoned calls per hour, as well as the average time that a caller waited before abandoning the call. There is also a version of this report that covers a week, so your customers can get performance-related inbound call statistics on which days are busier.