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How Can I Record Calls On Business Mobiles?


There are quite a few options available to record calls on business mobiles, so this week we thought we’d look at what they are and help you to choose one that will be the best for your business.

First, how do you record calls on business mobile?

There are several ways that call recording can work, based on your phone technology and what you need to record, including:


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) call recording digitally reads data that is transferred over a port in your network. The VoIP equipment is connected to the internet and records the calls that pass through it. Because this is a software-based system, recorded calls will be stored in the cloud.


Station-side call recording keeps tracks of all your calls using a record channel for all your phones. This is a style of bulk recording, so no matter whether it is an inbound, or outbound call, this system records every call made on each phone.


This type of call recording utilises your line provider to record calls. This can be useful to ensure any call is recorded from the start until the end, even if the call was internal between departments or staff.

Ok, so now you have decided how you would like your calls recording the next question to answer is…


Which calls should you record?

Bulk Call Recording

When you bulk record your calls, you will have all call information at your disposal. This feature will prove essential in helping you provide better service and handle any staff training needs/customer concerns in the future.

Random Call Recording

Unsurprisingly, as the name suggests, random call recording records a select number of calls only. This option is mainly used for training and monitoring purposes.

On Demand by Employee

This type of call recording allows your employees to decide which calls need to be recorded. This way most standard calls are not recorded, but if there is an issue, for example if a caller starts to become aggressive, the operator can easily record the call for documentation purposes.

On Demand by a Supervisor

This is ideal for when a supervisor needs to record specific calls. Such recordings are good to help staff training as you can provide examples of right calls and use tough calls as case studies.

Next, how are recordings stored?

A call recording system records your calls and keeps them either online or on a storage device. You can access all your recorded inbound and outbound calls from anywhere in the world. You can even download the recordings for your files and use them for employee training.

The Stand-alone Device

A stand-alone device can be used to record and store your inbound and outbound calls. Different devices offer different features. This type of recording equipment only works with one type of device, such as a landline telephones, so it does have its limits.

Cloud-based Services

Cloud-based recording systems are great for businesses with multiple phone lines. This is the ideal option for bigger businesses such as call centres. You will be able to access the calls from your provider’s cloud-based recording service, without taking on the logistics of buying and maintaining the system yourself. With a cloud-based system, you can record your calls from different devices.

Call recording and the law

It is essential that you understand and comply with the regulations if you are going to record any calls. Call recording is covered by some laws in the UK, so it is advisable to get some independent legal advice before you start a call recording program. Here are the main reasons that you can record telephone calls as a business, according to communications watchdog Ofcom:


  • Provide evidence of a business transaction
  • To ensure that a company complies with regulatory procedures
  • See that quality standards or targets are being met
  • To investigate the unauthorised use of a telecom system


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