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How can VoIP save you money?


Implementing a new technological solution can be a daunting task for any business and this is especially the case when businesses or individuals are considering switching to VoIP from traditional telephone solutions. One of the first objections you may come up against is the cost of VoIP compared to regular telecommunications. It is, therefore, essential to be able to answer the question “How can VoIP save you money?”


Many people recognise that early adopters of new technology can often experience increased costs. Before long, the associated costs of new solutions are driven down through economies of scale. VoIP actively bucks this trend and those upgrading to VoIP can find themselves saving money, even after the purchase of new equipment or upgrading their internet bandwidth. It’s best to upfront about the requirement for increased broadband to ensure good quality.


VoIP reduces the cost of traditional telecommunication solutions by using IP networks and therefore circumventing the world’s traditional telephone network operators and phone carriers, which often base their costs on distance and time.


This also means that whilst traditional phone equipment is managed through specific infrastructure, VoIP uses internet infrastructure or a company’s local intranet infrastructure.


How switching to VoIP can save you money


The VoIP transfer process is very different. Traditional analogue calls are reliant on a persistent connection whereas VoIP requires good levels of internet connection speeds in order to maintain call quality. VoIP calls are converted into data packets, which are easier to send over long distances than traditional voice calls.


Once the VoIP system is put in place there’s no need to install additional infrastructure when a business adds a new customer or when someone wants to communicate from a different location in a building. This is often an expense that has to be taken into account with standard phone systems.


When choosing VoIP there is no need for a technician to visit the site in order to set up infrastructure and hardware. Like most VoIP providers, we simply use the existing broadband network and hardware. This significantly reduces the cost of getting set up and making changes.


Reducing the costs of communicating between different locations with VoIP


This is also beneficial for those businesses that have multiple locations or who have home workers or workers who regularly have to work offsite.


What’s more, VoIP users can also use the solution on their smartphones through an app, which means businesses don’t necessarily even have to provide any hardware as long as there’s a good internet connection. This ensures employees can reduce their telephone costs, which is important if employees are charging these fees back to the business.


Businesses can make large savings if their employees regularly make long-distance and international calls, something that can be extremely valuable to businesses that deal internationally or for those businesses that have multiple locations in different countries.


VoIP services generally come with a range of additional features that aren’t found in traditional solutions. For example, most VoIP solutions feature voicemail, caller ID, conferencing, call forwarding and voice recording, as well as reporting and analytics suites. Those businesses using a traditional setup often pay for additional solutions in order to ensure they have this functionality, which can dramatically increase the costs of traditional telephony solutions.


VoIP can also mean large infrastructure departments are a thing of the past, as VoIP providers offer offsite, on-call customer service and support solutions. VIP VoIP offers troubleshooting and support as part of the package.


Whilst changing from a traditional system to a VoIP system can seem daunting to many businesses, there are huge cost-saving and efficiency advantages, which more than make up for what is only a minimum amount of disruption to most businesses.


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