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How Do I Start a VoIP Business?

How Do I Start a VoIP Business?


The UK economy is poised to leave lockdown, and while many businesses have felt the economic impact of the past 12 months, there is room for opportunity in the future. One such opportunity is starting a VoIP business.


Why VoIP? Voice over internet protocol offers many advantages for enterprises and organisations looking for a versatile telephone system. And in times of uncertainty, VoIP offers companies the opportunity to future-proof themselves.


You could play a pivotal role in the future of many enterprises by starting a VoIP business of your own.


But to do this, there are several things you need to think about first.



Be Confident in What You Sell


The good news is that if you want to start a VoIP business you can do it by becoming a VoIP reseller.


This way, you’ll get all the technical support required to launch your own VoIP business, but you control your customer relationships, pricing and other crucial aspects that will make this business your own.


However, you’ll still need to have  full confidence in what you’re selling. This doesn’t mean you need to be some sort of tech wiz, but it does mean you need a partner who you can rely on.


The right kind of reseller support and input from the outset is what will set you on your way confidently. Choose a partner who will not only provide you with the means to launch your enterprise, but also the technical know-how to provide you with the firmest of foundations.



Know the Basics and Benefits


You should understand the benefits of what you’re marketing and selling, and the basic principles underpinning them.


If you’re going to offer VoIP to other businesses, they’ll want to have full confidence in you, and you’re not going to give them this by faking it.


You need a basic product that will give customers what they need, but also have the kind of add-ons to hand that will give them extra value, and enhance their businesses.


One major built-in benefit of VoIP is its flexibility. This will be a major factor for many companies considering how they manage their communications.


Covid-19 has meant a change in how people work, with an exponential rise in working from home (WFH) and people starting brand new businesses from home.


These businesses need telephony systems that are professional and reliable, but highly adaptable, and VoIP could be perfect for them.


There are plenty of indications that many of the changes that businesses have embraced during the pandemic are here to stay.


With features including multi-site capabilities, flexible geographic numbering and easy scalability, VoIP makes perfect sense for businesses in a post-Covid world.



Explore Your Market


To increase your opportunities, and your business’s chances of success, you need to build a good customer database.


This means understanding who your ideal customers are, and exploring the market you intend to operate in.


Yes, VoIP telephony is competitive, but with the right approach, and the right target market, you can differentiate yourself.


Consider starting local, getting to know SMEs in your immediate area and addressing their pain points.


Have many been impacted by Covid-19? Are they adapting, or even starting afresh? What benefits could VoIP bring them to help them ride out uncertainties and be ready to catch the upward curve when the wider economy reopens?


The advantage a good VoIP provider offers you as a reseller is the freedom to build your own customer relationships and to sell services under your own brand. This way, you can build trust with your prospects and customers, shaping your offering around the distinctive character of your brand and business.



Become Bespoke and Niche Your Services


Our reseller proposition is designed to enable you to not only start a VoIP business, but to structure it to enable you to meet the specific needs of your customers.


This includes developing bespoke interfaces where your customers require them.


When considering pricing and margins as key facets of your VoIP business, it’s important to think of ways of giving your enterprise a strategic advantage. In a competitive marketplace, you don’t want to be competing against various other brands on price alone.


The flexibility VoIP offers your customers also gives you ample opportunities to niche your services and offer bespoke telephony solutions.



What’s Your VoIP Business Model?


There are various alternatives for starting a VoIP business:


  • You could become a VoIP wholesale provider, selling hosted VoIP to resellers, or to other companies or dealers interested in reselling VoIP systems to their customers


  • Or, by becoming a VoIP dealer, you simply sell on wholesale products to customers, earning a commission with each sale, without exerting any of your own control over your products or pricing


  • But if you choose to become an authorised reseller, you can start your own business with little upfront cost and at minimum risk. For your customers, you are the brand they deal with, selling products your provider supplies, but at your prices.


Discover more about the benefits of starting a VoIP business as a reseller. Give us a call on 03300881182, email or fill in our contact form and we’ll be back in touch asap.