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How Long Does VoIP Take To Install?

If a business is thinking of making the switch from traditional phones to a VoIP system, one of the key factors involved is the time it takes to get installed and up and running.

With that in mind, this week we thought we would look at the steps that will need to be taken for a VoIP install.

To give you a good and concise idea of what is involved and how long it will take, we have broken it down into several steps for you.

How Many Employees Will Be Using VoIP?

One of the first decisions when a company first looks at getting VoIP installed and working in a business is to work out how many employees or users there will be.

Once they have decided on a number then it will make the rest of the process easier as they go along.

For example, it will help determine how many lines are needed, whether the existing broadband connection will be able to support the expected volume of calls. Which leads us to the next step…

Will The Broadband Connection Be Able To Cope With VoIP?

Checking their broadband connection before they install a VoIP system will help prevent companies from having any call quality or connectivity issues.

They wouldn’t want to sign up for VoIP only to discover it won’t work with their existing broadband and have to upgrade it or switch to another provider. So, by carrying out a check early in the process this will save time, money and ensure their business continues to run smoothly at all times.

What Is The VoIP Budget?

As with all aspects of business, how much they spend is vital!

With so many VoIP systems and providers available, it is important that they only pay for a system that will be of benefit to the business and give them the best ROI.

So, by deciding on a budget it will help to keep them focused on the best call plans and packages.

What VoIP Features To Choose?

There are many VoIP features to choose, here are just a few of them:

  • Phone numbers for every member of staff
  • Call diverting
  • Call rules
  • Conference Calling
  • Video Conference Calling
  • VoIP Mobile Apps

As you can see there’s a lot to consider so you will need to help them to choose specific features that will be most useful for their business.

For example, perhaps they want a home-based VoIP system for their office, but you find out that their employees are working in different locations or do a lot of travelling. In that case they would want to utilise a VoIP mobile app.

Or they might be looking at a VoIP system with over 10 lines. In that case, in-depth call routing rules should be on the list.


Choose The VoIP Provider

They will want to compare providers and find the best one that has all the features they require: Prioritize their must-have list but also take the like list into account.

Have a look at customer reviews and testimonials on VoIP providers websites, is the feedback positive?

If they have the features the customer requires, but the features have negative reviews then they will rule them out.

How long has the company been running? Generally, a company that has been established for a number of years will have a good reputation.

How easy is the system to use? Most VoIP providers have free on-line demos, so they can get a good feel of how to use it, is it intuitive and easy to navigate?

Do they have good customer service? If they are investing money into such a crucial area of the business, they will want to be sure that the VoIP providers are quick to reply to queries and solve any issues that may arise.

We’ve wriiten about this more thoroughly in how to choose a great VoIP Provider

Phones And VoIP Hardware

Depending on the number of phones or hardware required you should be able to get a good idea of how long it will take to install a VoIP system.

For example, they can often use adapters that can plug into the existing analogue phones, but to use all the VoIP features, they may need to purchase a VoIP phone.

Becoming A VoIP Reseller

If you would like to sell VIP VoIP to businesses, please do get in touch with us. We offer very appealing reseller packages that allow you to provide the best VoIP services to businesses.

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