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How to Market Your VoIP Business?

Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony has become a very popular choice among modern businesses, big or small. It offers limitless features and services that facilitate and improve the daily work of workers and provide a better experience for their clients.

In the past 3 to 4 years, VoIP reselling business has become the centre of attention for many entrepreneurs. It’s a very lucrative career that is low risk with minimal start-up costs. Most importantly, there are many business’ models to choose from so you can start selling VoIP even when you only know the basics about this technology.

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VoIP’s market value is estimated to grow rapidly within the next few years. It’s both good and bad news for VoIP resellers as while potential customers will grow so will the fierce competition. It’s important to stand out from the crowd and establish your business’ good reputation among your customers to beat the competition. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you started.

1- Develop a Unique Brand

Start by creating a unique character for your brand. Focus on what separates you from other VoIP resellers, whether it’s the stable and high-quality service that you provide, your excellent customer services or your contract flexibility. Find your own identity and create your brand accordingly.

Building your brand includes choosing a name, setting up values, vision and mission, choose your own voice, colours and key messages, developing a website and establish your online existence. It’s not an easy task and probably the hardest but most effective one. It’s the gate through which you’ll reach out to your customers and establish a good relationship with them for years to come.

2- Choose Your Market

No two clients are alike. It’s important to define and understand your target market in order to implement a valuable marketing strategy that works. We advise our clients to start locally as they usually have more understanding of businesses’ needs in their own areas. It’s also more likely for local businesses to trust and choose a local VoIP provider. It is thus a valuable opportunity to establish your customer base and gain their loyalty before trying to expand your target market.

3- Use Social Media Channels

Social media channels have changed the way businesses communicate with their customers. Establishing social media pages for your business have become the norm and an essential requirement to gain your customers’ trust.

Define which channels you’ll be on and create unique content to attract more followers. Have your own voice and don’t forget to share frequently. Think about it as a fun task that will bring you closer to your clients and help you understand more their business’ needs.

4- Focus on Your Website

Don’t just build a two-pages website and forget about it. Your website is one of the most important elements of your success. The more you focus on improving and optimising it the more clients and opportunities it’ll connect you with.

Developing your website includes filling it with unique valuable content and investing in SEO experts to help bring your website to the top of search engines. We advise you to create a blog on your website and write articles regularly on it so people can find your website and services when they are searching for a particular information about VoIP.

It’s a good idea to get help from a web developer to analyse your website’s performance, which pages get the most visits and where you can improve so you can create your future content based on these results.

5- Invest in Digital Paid Adverts

Having a website and being on social media channels is usually not enough. You need to invest in digital paid adverts such as Pay Per Click adverts (PPC) and Facebook paid adverts. The good thing is you can start with a very small budget and increase it as your business grows.

Digital adverts work as an “accelerator” to your brand’s popularity and success. It helps people to find you faster and before finding other VoIP providers. It’s a boost to help you stand out from the crowd and be found whether you are a new or old established business.

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