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How To Sell VoIP For The Health Sector


The health sector has been one of the first to realise the full potential of VoIP, let’s take a closer look at how to sell VoIP for the Health Sector.

Increase Telephone Lines At Busy Times

We know that health service resources are stretched, even at the best of times.

There were over 2 million attendees in A&E Departments in England for both February and March last year.

At peak times certain departments will struggle to have enough phone lines to cope with calls from patients and with the traditional phone network, they would have to buy additional handsets in order to cope with the extra calls.

With a VoIP system, phone lines and extensions can be added quickly for busy times and taken away during quieter times (if there are any!)

Because a VoIP switchboard is hosted off site ‘virtually’ it means that any changes don’t have a physical impact on the location.

Which is even more useful for the health sector as they don’t have the disruption of having phone engineers installing phones and switchboards.

Calls can also be switched and directed to other sites too, without causing any difficulty for people calling in.

If, for example one department were struggling, another department in another location entirely could have the calls transferred.

Because the telephone number doesn’t have to change, people can call it and don’t have to write down extensions or mobile numbers.

Video Calls With VoIP For The Health Sector

Obviously, one of the main selling points with VoIP for the health sector is video calls and conferences.

For example, it is important to point out how it can help health professionals and patients on a daily basis.

Busy doctors and nurses are now able to make consultations over video calls.

This means that people who are seeking medical advice don’t have to traipse to their local GP surgery or hospital but can be consulted from the comfort of their own home.

This has a knock-on effect of freeing up those that work at surgeries and hospitals, so they can carry on with assisting those on the frontline.

Especially during peak sickness times, such as winter or when there is a virus spreading, health workers try and discourage the public from going to the doctors.

For those that work in the health sector, video calls mean that if a team meeting is needed, they don’t need to arrange for everyone to come in the building.

As long as staff have access to the internet they can dial in no matter where they are.

Staff training can also be carried out by a VoIP video call, so, if there is a new medical procedure that employees need to be urgently trained up on, this can be done quickly via the call.

Flexible Working With VoIP For The Health Sector

We mentioned above about staff being able to join team meetings using a video call and VoIP could also be used for flexible working.

A healthcare professional could access their work and data through the VoIP system, as information is cloud-based.

They wouldn’t always have to be one workplace to do their job, they could be at home, with a patient or even work from a completely different building if necessary.

Sometimes the health sector has to make changes to how they work incredibly quickly, in order to respond to an emergency or a crisis.

With VoIP, they are able to quickly record custom voicemails or amend the numbered options for incoming calls.

Using a VoIP communications solution should mean that a call never goes unanswered and that at the very least a patient should be able to listen to a voice message instructing them what to do next.

From a management point of view, using VoIP for the health sector will make it easy to collect and analyse all call data.

If one particular department is seen to be struggling with an influx of calls, they can assess the reason, from staff sickness, a huge workload or problems with technical equipment.

This is also beneficial for employees as they (in theory) won’t have to get totally stressed before their supervisor or manager steps in to help them out.

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You can see these are just a few of the ways which can help you to sell VoIP for the health sector, there will be many other functions that will help so, always keep up to date with developments in the industry and of course with VoIP!

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