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How VoIP Can Help With Working From Home


VoIP is a great asset when working from home. Business owners, managers, and staff can all benefit from a VoIP system. Call log data, call diversion, and secure collaboration are all some of the ways VoIP can help with working from home.

Working from home more often is likely to become the ‘new normal’ for many employees and businesses around the country as the lockdown is cautiously lifted or changed.

Find out below if VoIP can help with working from home.

What Is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.

It is essentially a digital phone call. Instead of sending the call data down traditional telephone lines, your call is converted into a digital format and sent over the internet.

It is much cheaper than traditional phone lines, much more flexible, and has a huge amount of additional options.

These additional options range from things like call recording, encryption, data gathering, and call interruption mechanisms.

Traditionally it was used in sectors where large volumes of calls were made and received, such as call centres or customer service departments. However, the benefits, availability, and value have seen it adopted into almost every sector and setting.

VoIP has been having a bit of a moment in 2020 as businesses adapt to the coronavirus situation.

Let’s find out why and how VoIP can help when working from home.


How Can VoIP Help When Working From Home?


Imagine if the coronavirus crisis had hit in the 20th century. How different it all would have been.

In the last 20 years business owners and professionals have come to rely on affordable computers, super-fast wireless internet, smartphones, CRM systems, the cloud, data security, VoIP, and video conferencing.

Without any of this, working from home would have been extremely difficult.

The brilliant VoIP features mean you can have the same call handling abilities from home as you can sitting at your desk.

In fact, the whole building can have the same call handling abilities!

That means your receptionist can still direct calls to a specific department. Voicemail can still be converted to email. Calls can still be logged straight into the CRM system. And you will continue to get the same great value.

Let’s have a look in more detail at how VoIP can benefit when working from home.

1.      Keep the office number

Imagine the logistical nightmare of having to ask all your customers to now ring a mobile number or alternative landline.

With VoIP, you just divert your calls to your mobile number and the customer need never know. Or, unplug your desk phone at work and take it home with you so you even get to use the same handset.

You can even keep extensions and additional lines you have separate. For example, keep your sale lines separate from your accounts line. The customer need never know you are working from home.

2.      Route calls effectively

With VoIP, you can either use the smartphone app or set your handset up at home.

Either way, you can transfer calls between colleagues just as you would if you were all sitting in an office together.

Because the calls are routed over the internet, it doesn’t matter where you all are physically-the extension numbers and destinations remain the same.

Imagine how useful that will be! You can send a call from customer service to accounts, for example, without having to get colleagues to call people back. It is quick and convenient for you and a very satisfying service for the client.

3.      Transfer calls from mobile to mobile

Similarly to the above, if everyone has their extension diverted to their mobile, your staff can transfer calls from mobile to mobile.

People don’t have to have their desk handsets at home if they don’t want to or can’t manage it.

4.      Handle expenses more easily

VoIP has huge money-saving benefits.  It’s far more cost-effective than traditional telephone lines.

But more than that, VoIP can help with the forthcoming minefield of managing expenses.

When being asked to work from home temporarily most people don’t mind. Their costs are lower anyway as they aren’t paying to commute. But that goodwill won’t last forever if working from home becomes a more permanent arrangement.

How can VoIP help with that?

Well simply, with VoIP you aren’t asking your staff to pay for their own phone calls or to install an extra phone line.

It is one less working from home business expense to worry about. And for some businesses, it would be a big expense.

5.      View and download call logs and data

Some managers worry that their team are not working perhaps as hard as they would when they are in the office.

Some managers worry that their team are working too hard. It depends on the manager, the team, and the office culture.

With VoIP you get every call logged. You also get how long it took to answer, who answered and the call duration.

Plus, all the calls can be recorded so if there is any dispute over the content of a call you still have the same reassurances as before.

It really is like having the office at home.

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