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Integrated Automated Voice Response – advanced IVR solutions

What is Integrated Automated Voice Response?

Integrated Automated Voice Response is a new IVR technology that allows a computer to interact with incoming calls using a very high quality synthesised voice to read out data which is generated by your business management system. An example for this is the automated booking system for minicab operators; The caller rings the taxi company and a synthetic voice greets them. Meanwhile, the taxi company’s booking system looks up the last two or three addresses where the caller was last picked up and passes this information to the Integrated Automated Voice Response system. The synthetic voice reads these addresses to the caller and asks them to choose one of them by pressing 1 or 2 on their phone. The booking is then completed automatically without the need of a human operator.

The purpose of IVR system is to take input, process it and return a result. This advanced technology can be used in countless ways. It can be customised to process mobile purchases, banking payments and services, retail orders, utilities, travel information and weather conditions.

Another possibility is the use on an inbound and/or outbound IVR system. Inbound IVR systems handle incoming calls only whereas the outbound ones can make automated calls. The choice depends mainly on which functionality your business requires. Specific requirements can be determined during a consultation.

An Integrated Automated Voice Response IVR system can be setup as a custom option on any VIP VoIP hosted platform and doesn’t require any special hardware or equipment to be installed on site. It can also be integrated with many existing databases, websites and CRM systems to deliver the best experience for your customers.

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