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Integration with 3CX and the benefits of using VIP VoIP as a SIP trunk provider

Did you know that although VIP VoIP’s chosen technology is not 3CX they work with several customers who use 3CX as their on-premise phone system? Yes, that’s right. We have the technical capabilities to integrate with other phone systems when necessary. For customers who use 3CX systems, VIP VoIP provides a SIP trunk and look after their phone number.

If you’re struggling to connect your existing phone number to your 3CX system, you know who to call. VIP VoIP will take all the hassle off your hands!

Benefits of using VIP VoIP as a SIP trunk provider

We offer an affordable, reliable, and high-quality SIP trunk service with ease of configuration, ease of account setup, and support.

Our SIP trunk packages are priced incrementally, so you can choose just the right package depending on the call volume of your business. We have packages that suit both small and large operations in the U.K. No matter what type of SIP solution you might be looking for, we’ll work with you to ensure the best solutions are provided for your needs and budget. We provide highly competitive packages for calling UK numbers.

Our SIP trunk systems are reliable and will help you stay connected, both in the office and on the go. You can be guaranteed that our systems are robust and will not break. We offer 99.9% availability of the channel. We have gone the extra mile to connect our network with 3 other U.K. communication carriers in case of any unprecedented breakages which is very unlikely of happening. You can be assured that our systems will always work.

We offer bespoke customer service and support and will attend to you within minutes. We boast a customer retention rate of 97% which is an enviable statistic in the industry.

Choice of Number
You can ask your VoIP provider to select any phone number of your choice with any area code (even an international area code). If it’s a U.S. or U.K. number we will be able to get you the said number immediately. It will take a little more time if you prefer a number from another country.

Expertise in Number Porting
Our expertise and experience in number porting are top-notch if we say so ourselves. We have ported over 5000 numbers so far and only failed in about 2 cases. The number porting process for a UK or US number will take us a week, others may take a little longer. Your existing solution provider doesn’t have to do any work except sign a letter. We will do everything required.

No Minimum Period of Commitment
We don’t believe in tying down our customers with lengthy contracts and minimum commitment periods for any of our services. Our 97% retention rate speaks for itself and we believe in earning your trust. All we require is one month of time to cancel the service in case you decide to switch.

Consultancy Service
We offer advice to our partners on how to best to meet their customers’ needs.

Call Recording
We offer call recording with encrypted indefinite storage of all call recording data on our servers. Customers can directly access all call recordings on our server through the portal or be allowed to download them to customer’s own network.

Customers may implement SIP trunks over existing WAN services, dedicated WAN connections, or even the public internet. We will guide you every step of the way!