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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems that can integrate with industry software


An IVR system is a software solution that can simulate voice interactions to effectively manage business communications. This system will maximize the capabilities of call routing and minimize the need for live call conversations without compromising on the standard of service. When set up properly, an intelligent IVR system can streamline any business function into a series of steps to reduce redundant steps typically handled by paid staff. “Business hours” can be all day, every day, where customers are happier, and business moves faster.

A good IVR system will ease the workload on customer service staff, reduce costs for a business, and enhance client satisfaction when customers can use self-help to solve basic business inquiries rather than having to speak to an actual person. An intelligent IVR system can be integrated with any industry software to provide intelligent responses to calls. The purpose of an IVR system is to take input, process it, and return a result. This advanced technology can be used in countless ways. A business can decide whether to use an inbound or outbound IVR system or a combination. It all depends on the functionality required and the solution can be customized to a business’s unique requirements. An intelligent IVR system can connect to your databases, websites, and CRM systems to provide a remarkable customer experience.

Here are some examples of how VIP VoIP’s hosted platform can be integrated with any management software to grow your business:

    • The benefits of an IVR system go beyond effective communication. For instance, an IVR system can be used for marketing, by inserting a couple of audio clips about new products and services during the automated interactions.
    • Prioritize calls based on value and urgency – with systematic guidelines, important calls can be directed to the best customer service agents, placed at the top of the call queue, etc.
    • Industries like Taxi, Motor, Clinical etc., will be hugely benefitted from intelligent responses ex: A taxi provider’s phone system integrated with IVR can tell a caller how far their taxi is without having to speak to an operator. Conducting market research or running a quick survey to determine customer satisfaction becomes very easy with an outbound IVR system.
    • Cost savings – a properly structured IVR system can run without any human interference. It will only require human intervention once a certain level is reached. Employees can be repurposed for more important tasks.
    • Premier level of service – Customised greetings, multilingual capabilities, etc are all possible

Interested in integrating an IVR system with your business software? Contact us for a customized and structured IVR solution to suit your demands.