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Is Your Phone System Ready for the Christmas Holidays?

After the Christmas lights switch-on comes the big holiday switch-off, but this is far from true for everyone. Many businesses still need to provide the right degree of Christmas cover during the break, and many will have customers making enquiries and needing help or support.

What you need is a phone system that can cope with any busy call periods, and provide you with the right sort of cover for when you’ve got staff on leave over Christmas.

VoIP cloud-based communication systems offer plenty of features to make sure your phone system is ready for the Christmas holidays.

For When It Gets Busy…

You can’t guarantee that everyone is sitting back and relaxing during the Christmas holidays.

What happens if there are busy periods making demands on your phone system?

VoIP has various dedicated features to ensure your phone system can manage these busy periods:

  • Call queueing – setting this up in VoIP is straightforward, and you can customise your on-hold messages or music
  • Recorded messages – if there are alternative ways callers can access support or information, such as visiting a website page, calling a hotline or emailing you, then this provides the perfect means of getting these types of messages across clearly
  • Covering reduced hours – if you’re open for reduced hours over Christmas, you can configure your VoIP system to help you manage this, such as setting diverts, or using recorded messages (see above).

For When You’re Closed…

Hopefully, you will give yourself some time off this Christmas, and if your business is closed at some point over the holidays, VoIP can support this too:

  • Before the holidays, set up an automatic receptionist greeting that explains when you’ll be closed
  • For during the break, set clear, automated phone announcements giving details of when your business is closed over Christmas.

You don’t want to take your eye off the ball at Christmas. By meeting your customers’ expectations even during the holiday period, you’re demonstrating to them that you’re properly customer-responsive.

Extend Your Flexible Working Capability

Covid-19 has made many more enterprises used to the idea of remote working, and VoIP provides excellent support for this.

The same principles apply over the Christmas period, where you can set up call diverts for staff who aren’t in the office (providing they’ve agreed to be available).

This also offers you more flexibility over Christmas if you want to reopen without bringing staff back in.

VoIP allows you to divert to individual mobile devices, or make use of video conferencing, while keeping your call costs low.

With a flexible phone system, you can make your own work structure flexible too. Gone are the days where you need to fret over Christmas cover in the office and work out who’s turn it is to be in.

VoIP supports your business, and your work-life balance.

The Dedicated Support You Need

No one wants to be in a situation during the Christmas holidays where something goes wrong and getting someone to fix it is going to be a challenge – like your boiler breaking down on Christmas Day!

One of the key benefits of VoIP is that is comes with an inclusive support package.

At VIP VoIP we make a point of understanding our customers’ needs and ensuring they have all the support they need, when they need it.

If you get an unexpected phone outage over Christmas (and we really hope you don’t), then we’ll be ready to fix it for you, asap.

With an experienced provider, your phone system is in safe hands, not just for Christmas, but all year round.

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