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Mastering Your Call Centre Wallboard Solution

VoIP Call centres often have a display that both call handlers and managers can see featuring vital call statistics. Known as a wallboard, these stats can be displayed across screens on call centre walls, call handler screens, manager screens and in some cases, on mobile apps.

They act as a visual way to display real-time call statistics, KPI’s, and any other important information. VoIP integrated wallboard solutions are often completely customisable so businesses can choose only the most relevant information. Mastering your call centre wallboard and choosing the right information to display can lead to increased productivity and act as a motivational tool – read on to find out what information you should be displaying on your wallboard.

Nobody Likes A Boring Wallboard

Wallboards are essential for call centre managers to effectively manage the day to day running of their teams in a visual way. Important information is shown, such as calls waiting, calls made and received or hang-ups. Key performance indicators (KPI’s) give a real-time, overall idea of how well call handlers are doing their jobs.

The only issue with this is it’s often not very engaging for call centre staff!

There needs to be a balance between vital call information and other, more engaging content displayed on your wallboards.

A customised wallboard solution provides the perfect opportunity to get creative with the information you use to inform and engage with call centre teams.

Displaying basic analytics is still essential but don’t waste the opportunity to have some fun and provide staff with helpful information. From motivational company news, like profits and new deals, to individual shout outs for birthdays, achievements or special occasions, a wallboard can be so much more than just a way to check the number of calls coming in and out of a call centre.

Finding the right balance between the fun, engaging wallboard content and the necessary information can be a challenge, but managers will be rewarded by increased productivity and boosted morale. A productive and happy workforce can only lead to happier customers and increased turnover.

Mastering The Wallboard

The precise information needed on wallboards will vary between businesses but almost all will certainly display information such as calls waiting, longest call queuing or repeat calls for the day.

Alongside the traditional call centre KPIs, information from other areas of the business could be displayed – demonstrating how other departments or teams are performing, or company news and updates could be displayed, the type of information that would normally have been sent out in a newsletter.

Adding in congratulation messages for birthdays and achievements is a nice touch and reminds employees that they are valued.

There is also a variety of useful information which could be included to help employees with their day – from menu specials in the canteen that day, to what the weather and traffic are looking like for the local area.

It is important to strike a balance though between just enough of the helpful, fun stuff and KPIs. Cramming too much into a wallboard display could end up making it a distraction or people not engaging with it at all.

It may be tempting to put everything up there for all to see, but consider what people need to see. For example, do call handlers need to see every single KPI? Could they see a condensed version or overview? With a customisable solution, the information could be tailored between general wallboards and the one’s team leaders and managers view, meaning everyone only sees the most relevant information.

Wallboard Solutions Summary

A great wallboard will aim to please both call centre staff and management. There isn’t a right or wrong way to achieve this as it will be highly individual to each type of business, their company goals and culture.

For some employers, wallboards are an essential component of their wellbeing strategy, even used in non-call centre businesses to display company information, KPIs and engage with staff.

When it comes to customising your wallboard work with your teams to understand what information they need and what information they would like then strike a balance between the two.

Supporting VoIP call centres with our industry winning solutions, VIP VoIP also supplies innovative VoIP integrated wallboard solutions, please get in touch for more information.