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Misconceptions About VoIP

As a VoIP reseller, we are sure that you will be asked a plethora of different questions about VoIP.

Some will be more technical than others, so, this week we would debunk some popular VoIP misconceptions about VoIP systems and technology.

Broadband Isn’t As Reliable As Landline

This is one thing that companies often mention, when they first investigate VoIP, is that if there is a problem with broadband then they can’t make calls.

Which is true, but no truer than they can have problems with existing telephones cables. From power cuts to workmen accidentally cutting cables.

It would be worth mentioning as a benefit of VoIP over traditional lines that companies could arrange a back up broadband line for such emergencies.

People often don’t realise that they use VoIP technology every single day already.

WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype, Facebook Video Calling and Zoom all use VoIP technology and seem to be rather popular, don’t they?

So, companies can be reassured that the technology is not only up to speed, but that it also being used more and more by huge established companies all over the world, so people don’t have to worry about VoIP tech suddenly becoming out of date and then they have to pay all over again for another telephone system.

Internet Calls vs Landline Calls

This is often based on the experience of one person who tried to skype their Gran in Australia once in 2003.

Sure, in the early days of voice call technology they weren’t the greatest quality, but as with everything involving the internet it has improved vastly over the years and continues to do so.

Like everything else you get what you pay for, so, as long as the broadband line and speed is up to scratch then the call quality should be as good if not much better than existing land lines.

It would definitely be worthwhile taking some time and explaining the best ways to ensure that a company can get the highest data quality speed and bandwidth.

One common misconception, particularly with companies that are smaller is that they don’t think they will need much bandwidth.

VoIP Calls Aren’t Safe, Right?

This is another question that harks back to the early days of the internet when there was a general lack of trust in doing anything online.

For some reason, that has stuck when some people think about internet calls. As with any internet connection at the very least a firewall should be in place.

If a company has Wi-Fi and is looking at using guest Wi-Fi, then that should be kept apart from regular Wi-Fi for staff.

Indeed, it may be worthwhile pointing out that VoIP technology is actually being seen as one of the top five industries that are growing in the security industry.

You Can’t Record VoIP Calls

Some people automatically assume that because calls are over the internet that they can’t be recorded. Which couldn’t be further from the truth.

If anything, it is the opposite case. The options for call recording and call monitoring with VoIP are much greater than with the old traditional land lines.

We recommend that you point out that more and more businesses that have customer contact centres use VoIP, whether they are in house or outsourced.

Good VoIP systems also feature voice to text or voice to email functions, so a voice message left while an employee is driving could be turned into an email in their inbox when they arrive at their work location.

There are many more VoIP benefits and you can have a look at the VoIP benefits we provide here.

What About Faxes?

You may think that faxing, like Britpop and TFI Friday, finished in the nineties. But some industries, for example, the healthcare industry, still use them every day.

So, a VoIP reseller will most likely be asked if VoIP technology is compatible with faxes and faxing.

Not only can existing fax machines can be used with VoIP phone lines, they also offer additional functionality such as being able to automatically change a fax into an email.

Do We Need To Change Telephone Numbers?

This is often a worry, particularly for companies with lots of telephone extensions. The upheaval of changing a phone system could seem like a big enough job as it is without having to change telephone numbers as well.

With VoIP you can reassure any prospective customer that any existing landline number can be very easily transferred to VoIP lines.

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