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Do you need a Call Centre Solution?

When we think of call centres, we think of huge companies with thousands of phones and phone users sitting in vast offices normally in opposite ends of the earth to their callers. Call centres get a bad reputation but it is not always earned. Call centres don’t have to be a thousand miles away from the consumer nor only for massive corporations.

The features and benefits of a call centre type solution can be applied to small and medium sized businesses as well. Your company may need a call centre solution for many reasons and we are here to explain why this might be an option for your business.

Can’t Stay On Top Of Calls

A call centre is defined not by the number of phones and phone agents there are but by the amount of calls that are made. If your business receives a large volume of calls you may need a call centre focused telephone line which makes sure that customer waiting times are short and that every call gets answered.

If your phone lines are the life line of your business you want to make sure that every call is processed to avoid loss of leads and revenue. A simple answering service may be all that your company needs to make sure your customers know they are important and if their call is missed you will be able to call them asap when part of the service team is available.

Customers Get Through To The Wrong Resource

Once you are on the phone to the customer you want them to be able to talk to an operator about their problem or issue with confidence. If all your phones go to the same number it may be hard to instil this trust if the customer is having to explain numerous times why they are ringing so that they are put through to the appropriate employee.

You can use call directing with call centre VoIP to make sure your customers choose the right option. You can also enable on screen help and “listening in” features so that other members of the team can advise colleagues without interrupting the phone call.

You Can’t Access Data & Use It Effectively

If you are receiving lots of phone calls you may need a way to keep track of not only specific call times but the content of those calls. The data of these calls can be instrumental for marketing, training and customer service so it is important that you are able to capture this information.

Using a VoIP system like ours to handle your call means you will be able to access this content and keep it safe on our secure servers.

If your company has outgrown the traditional call routing you find in most outdated phone systems, then upgrading to a VoIP system which can handle calls like a large call centre without the costs, could be right for your company.

We supply companies with a vast amount of call features to help them get the most from their service team and provide customers with a stand out service.