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New Year, New Phone Solution!

The challenge with New Year resolutions is sticking to them, but a new phone solution for your business could be a resolution with a firm and lasting legacy.


VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, offers so many tangible benefits right from the start.


Whether you’re looking to finally ditch the landline and go digital, refresh your current system, or change your current VoIP provider, there are plenty of good reasons to act now.



Future Proof Your Business


In normal circumstances, you want to hit the ground running in January. Except that the times we’re in are far from normal.


How do you plan your business when there’s so much uncertainty around Covid-19 and the ongoing restrictions we all face?


Well, one thing you can do is future proof your business communications and make sure you’re fully adaptable for what the future might bring.


Unlike analogue technologies, or ISDN, VoIP is a technology that is both established, and is fully adaptable for continuing technological advances, such as 5G.


Investing in VoIP means you’re investing in the future for your business.



Become More Adaptable


To survive and thrive in business, you need to be as adaptable as possible. One of the key aspects of getting through 2020 has been how businesses have been able to adapt to shifting circumstances.


VoIP supports this adaptability. It gives your modern business phone network portability, without sacrificing its core efficiency.


You can enable mobile users as easily as desk users, which is perfect for situations where you need to rely on remote working.


VoIP features let you integrate business mobile devices with your workplace phone systems, essentially allowing you to take your system with you wherever you go.


The flexibility of VoIP also means you can easily combine remote and office-based working, putting the firm foundations in place for a dynamic, hybrid way of working.


Whatever the future brings, VoIP will support the changes you need to make to adapt to change.



Control Your Costs


The bottom line is always going to be important, and ways of saving money will always be central to keeping an enterprise on track.


But making savings doesn’t have to mean settling for less when it comes to your communications systems.


VoIP enables you to better control your costs, while giving you lots of additional features to add value to it as a phone system.


With VoIP, your everyday communications transfer to the digital, online world. And then paying for them is clear and transparent.


Plus, initial set-up is straightforward, without having to factor in things like paying fees for rental of separate lines.


Control your costs, without limiting your capabilities.



The Basics and Beyond


The basic features of VoIP offer clear business benefits, but in addition, there are other supported services to boost your phone system’s capabilities.


You get expert call handling, giving you complete control over your incoming and outgoing calls.


Where staff are busy or unavailable, you’ve got various options for diverting calls to mobile devices or call answering services.


For customer-facing communications, VoIP is ideal for keeping callers in the loop and making sure they get the information and level of service they expect from you at all times.


If you’re running a call centre, VoIP provides the essential features to support this, including seamless integration with real-time information displays and detailed metrics.


You can also easily record all your calls. This new phone solution is ideal for both customer service and staff training.


We’ve already talked about VoIP’s multi-site flexibility, giving your business the right tools to be fully flexible and adaptable.


You can also take advantage of supported services such as dedicated virtual and marketing landlines and VIP receptionist services.



Have a Scalable New Year with VoIP


However your business shapes up in 2021, an expert VoIP phone system will support it every step of the way. You can start with a handful of phones and add more as you need them.


There’s nothing static about VoIP. Whether you want to expand to more locations, or enable more remote working, you’ll have a system you can rely on.


Because VoIP is cloud-based, there’s no hassle in expanding what you have. This means you can add, or remove, lines whenever you want.


Scalability also helps with affordability. You need never be paying for more capacity than you need.



Explore Your Phone Solution Options


You might be considering the move to VoIP for the first time? Wondering whether your existing provider is giving you what you need.


If you want to make changes that will last then there’s no better time to look at your phone system.



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