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Number Porting in the U.K

Why you should always use a company based in the U.K

Number porting is the facility that enables consumers to keep their telephone number when switching to a new communication provider. Most people switching to a different provider would prefer to keep their existing telephone number and avoid the inconvenience and costs of changing to a new number. All UK numbers are and must be portable and customers have the right to move their numbers to a new provider anytime they wish. Service providers are not allowed to refuse the porting request. All communication providers have to abide by Ofcom’s legal obligations related to number porting in the U.K stated here. Providers are expected to give a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) to consumers who request for their mobile phone number to be ported either immediately over the phone or by SMS within two hours. The main reason why a U.K. company should be used for UK number porting is that only a UK company can get this done, so it’s mandatory to use one based in the U.K.

Issues around number porting and how VIP VoIP has braced and won these challenges

–  One of the main reasons why a number may not be able to be ported is if it’s out of service. A number must be in working condition in order to be ported.
–  Only the number will port, and any associated services (including broadband) will be ceased by the losing communication provider.
–  Calls will pass through the original network and potentially a transit network after being ported, so any calling problems caused by any of those networks will remain even after the number has been ported to a new network. If the losing and gaining networks have a direct interconnect the call will be forwarded straight across to the gaining network. However, if there is no interconnect the call will be transited via a third-party network (normally BT). In this case, the call will reach the losing network which applies the appropriate transit prefix before onward routing to the transit network (e.g. BT) in turn deliver the call to the gaining network via their interconnect. Any delays from BT to process such a request will result in calls not reaching the gaining network.
–  Some communication providers will not explicitly refuse a request to port numbers as Ofcom rules prohibit this. However, they will create many obstacles and make it very difficult to do so. They may bully a customer into staying with them, may demand payment to port numbers, or bombard the customer with many offers in the hope that they don’t make the switch. Such bad practices exist in the telecom industry. In such scenarios, a customer can remind the losing network of their legal obligations and can even report the actions of the network to Ofcom and seek help.

VIP VoIP possesses extensive experience with number porting. These experiences range across many different scenarios, some tough and others not. Thousands of numbers have been ported by us over the years and we have been highly successful at getting the job done. We will take all the hassle off your hands. Your existing solution provider doesn’t have to do any work except sign a letter. We will do everything required. The number porting process for a UK or US number will take us a week, others may take a little longer.