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Questions To Ask When Looking For A VoIP Provider

If you are a Reseller and you are looking for a VoIP Provider it can be a bit of a minefield finding a first-class telephone system supplier.

You need to work with strategic partners who can supply superior equipment at prices you can afford and with the technology to meet your client demands.

Here at VIP VoIP, we understand the challenges you face as a Reseller, and we think it’s only right that you research the market to ensure you are getting the best VoIP providers in the industry.

So, we thought it would be helpful to provide some idea of the questions you might want to ask before committing yourself to any kind of deal with VoIP suppliers that might not offer as good a proposition as they make out.

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What Are The Risks Attached To Becoming A VoIP Reseller?

There is little risk attached to becoming a VoIP Reseller.

You do not need to hold stock, nor do you need any technical ability or special equipment. If you can sell to your client base we take care of all the technology and specialist equipment.

Can We Use Our Own Branding?

Yes, absolutely.

Here at VIP VoIP, we are happy to remain in the background. You are the front face of your business selling VoIP Telephone Solutions and with that comes your brand image.

Is It Profitable To Be A Reseller For VoIP Telephone Systems?

Yes, it is.

If you choose the right provider, you can sell competitively priced VoIP telephone systems to your client and what’s more, you should be making money from the initial sale of equipment.

Can My Client Save Money With A VoIP Telephone System?

Again, the answer is yes, they can.

Did you know that implementing a VoIP system can result in a 50% reduction in telecom costs for companies who have them installed? It’s this kind of proposition that is making traditional telephony systems a thing of the past and being a leading provider in the VoIP Telephone Systems sector an exciting place to be!

How Do You Know When A VoIP Telephone System Supplier Is Reliable?

The telecoms industry is a fast-moving one, and VoIP Telephone Systems are no different, so it can be tricky finding a provider that is well-established, that can offer the most up to date technology solutions at the best pricing.

Thankfully, VIP VoIP has been around since 2007 supplying VoIP systems; we are an experienced and long-established provider in the Reseller sector and can offer all the support you will need along the way.

Can You Provide Industry-Specific Solutions?

It’s a good idea to ask this because for many companies their communications network underpins the organisation, and they all have slightly different requirements, depending on what they do.

Take Health and Social Care, for example, this is an industry that has witnessed enormous amounts of pressure over the last twelve months, and their communication systems have had to deal with unprecedented call volume when families have been kept apart from their elderly relatives.

Thankfully, VIP VoIP can provide industry-specific solutions for almost any sector, including health and social care.

What Technical Support Will I Get?

This is another good question.

There is nothing more frustrating than being kept waiting to speak to technical support, and then when you get through the automated system you end up speaking to a Bot!

Here at VIP VoIP, you will always speak to a member of our super technical support team and yes, they are human!

Can VoIP Be Used On Android And IOS Phones?

Yes, they can.

The cleverly designed VIP VoIP App can be used on both Android and IOS operating systems, simply by making your mobile device act as a SER extension on your VoIP server.

Who Can I Contact To Find Out More About Supplying VoIP Telephone Systems?

If you want to find out more about being a VoIP Telephone System Reseller, you can contact us here or call 03300 881 182 where you will be connected to one of our professional call handlers.

Our friendly team can answer all of your questions and give you advice on what you should be looking for when becoming a Reseller, and what questions you should be asking when choosing your VoIP Telephone System provider.

Chances are we’ve been asked the question ourselves and we want to share our expertise with you!