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VoIP Sales Pitch

Do you want to be a VoIP reseller or VoIP dealer, but don’t know where to start? Here’s our sales pitch guide to help you give it your all when your selling VoIP to potential customers. Remember the type of business you are selling VoIP to, understanding their needs and know what’s important to them. On top of that it’s about telling the lead why your company is the one to go with and what makes you different to all those other businesses out there.

Explain how VoIP works

Your customer needs to know how VoIP works if they are going to place any trust in this product or your services. Potential customers can come to you with a lot of or little knowledge of VoIP. Some may know almost every in and out of how VoIP systems work so you need to really be clued up if you’re going to impress these types of clients. On the other hand you may have business owners who are not familiar with the VoIP process at all but have heard hearsay about it’s benefits and cost saving basis. With these types of leads you need to nurture them not only with your standard sales pitch but hold their hand in terms of getting them to trust the technology. Non jargon speak and easy to understand explanations play an important part in getting customers to trust VoIP.

Selling VoIP’s cost saving benefits

Whether you’re cold calling or the lead definitely wants to switch to VoIP you need to sell the main features that all businesses can benefit from. We recommend focusing on these benefits first because they all pertain to saving money a subject all businesses like to hear about.

  1. Cost effective – Calls are less than standard landline calls and hosted VoIP is very affordable with extra support
  2. Integrates with new or existing hardware – If they want to avoid a big outlay then being able to integrate with existing hardware can seal the deal.
  3. Scaleable – Scale up as your business grows and scale down when you’re reigning costs in. VoIP is flexible to a businesses needs.

Understand the company and tailor to them

Look at the company you are pitching to and understand their industry and where they as a business fits within it. Focus on the sector and what areas of VoIP will appeal most to them. Here are a few examples based on sectors:

  • Public Sector such as NHS services – Focus on security, how data is stored securely to maintain confidentiality and stop hackers
  • Private sector – Depending on the type of company you can focus on security again but with an emphasis on security to stop competitors gaining information.
  • Retail/call centres – Ease of connection to other members of staff within the business, able to transfer calls within the office easily and make sure customers aren’t having to continually call back.VoIP allows you to record calls for training purposes, which can help customers improve their staff and make their business more efficient and effective.
  • Warehouse/Storage – VoIP provides secure, reliable connection to other areas of the country where your business may operate.
  • International Operations – VoIP can provide safe and cheaper calls to international destinations which are typically very expensive on traditional phone systems. You can also look at how the particular company operates on a day to day basis and what types of hardware they need for their employees.
  • Desk phones – provide office/desk based solutions-
  • Cordless handsets – if employees on the move a lot within the building
  • Conference phones – required for boardroom meetings whether with staff or clients.
  • Mobile phone integration – If employees are on the road calls can be diverted to mobile away from office.

Ease their concerns

There are many myths regarding VoIP which can make selling VoIP an uphill struggle sometimes. If the lead shows any concerns then address those issues, make it clear that you are here to help them understand VoIP and understand how it will be integrated in to their business.

Pack in extra features

Now you’ve got the lead on your side start to plan with them how you can personalise the service for them. Explore further problems they have in the business and whether you can add features to help them. As VoIP is software based there are endless functions which can be added to the phone and computer system.

Sell yourself

Now’s the time to tell them all about why you as a company is the one to choose. There is a large number of competition out there so you need to stand out from the crowd when it comes to explaining why your business is best. Explain about your bespoke and tailored services, what after sales support you’ll provide and add in some personality by showing how your own company culture is. Sell yourself.



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