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Selling VoIP To Home Workers

More and more businesses around the world are deciding to implement working from home on a more permanent basis. The opportunities for selling VoIP to home workers are vast and yours for the taking!

There has never been a better time to become a VoIP reseller. People are no longer chained to their desks but still want to provide a professional, seamless service as they work remotely.

Let’s have a look at some of the ways VoIP will help businesses implementing regular home working and some key points you can use when selling VoIP to home workers.

1) One Device

Many of us know the frustration of having a mobile for home and a mobile for work. Your pockets are bulky, you have to remember to get both phones out of the car, and you often need to get used to two operating systems or hardware.

For the company, there is the cost of providing a mobile, plus the risk of them being misused or lost.

VoIP allows homeworkers to divert their office number to their mobile phone, eliminating the need for a second mobile, saving your customers money and hassle.

Or, they can take their desk phone and set it up in their home office, keeping the same number and call capabilities as they would have had at work.


2) VoIP Is Cheaper and Easier Than Expenses

Speaking of cost, VoIP is a far more cost-efficient than paying for landlines in people’s homes or calls made from a mobile phone.

Many businesses feel a landline is a mark of respectability for them. They feel having only mobile numbers gives them a temporary feel. And they are probably right.

But the alternative when working from home is either a virtual number or a landline installed in someone’s home.

Making calls from a virtual landline can be expensive and is a hassle to do. Proportionately paying for an employee’s landline is also expensive, especially when landline calls in the UK cost around 18p a minute to mobile phones!

VoIP is a far more cost-effective and hassle free way of managing business call expenses when people are making calls from home.


3) Accountability Through Call Recording

If you are selling VoIP to home workers you should certainly talk about the added features VoIP provides.

Call recording has long been used for legal and training purposes.

Some businesses, such as those in financial or legal sectors are required to have some calls recorded to ensure compliance.

Other companies record calls to either aid training of staff, or prevent any accusations of unfair dealings from disgruntled customers.

With VoIP, businesses can continue to record calls and listen back, even when their staff are at home.


4) Train Remotely

We could still be social distancing for some time, which means some HR practices are going to have to change.

VoIP features, such as Whisper and Barge, allow staff to be trained on making and receiving telephone calls remotely.

With Whisper, a manager or trainer can speak discreetly to an employee on the phone without the customer even hearing them. This is really useful in guiding conversations for staff who are nearing the end of their training.

Barge allows the training manager to interrupt a call, potentially saving a PR disaster or legal complication through incorrect information being given.

VoIP capabilities mean your customer’s training routine doesn’t have to be interrupted.

5) Maintain Call Data And Wallboards

Wallboards are such a goldmine of information for many businesses. Being able to see the number and duration of incoming calls, which departments are busiest, and where resources need to be keeps call handling services smooth. This helps sales pipelines, staff morale, and customer satisfaction.

With VoIP for home workers, call information can still be routed back to the servers to collate and display wallboard data.

6) Retain Hunt Groups

Hunt and ring groups are important for most businesses and organisations.

Routing the call through to the right person keeps customers satisfied and ensures valuable company time is spent where it needs to be. It also cuts the need for a receptionist.

Hunt groups mean if someone is on a call or away from their desk, someone else in the department can answer the phone quickly.

Hunt groups also make sure that calls are distributed evenly between a department so one person doesn’t receive every phone call first. This means staff are being used efficiently.

When selling VoIP to home workers, be sure to mention the benefits of retaining hunt groups.

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