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Shared VoIP Phone Book Service

A shared VoIP phone book service allow your organisation to maintain a central list of contacts that can be shared with all the phones in your organisation. This greatly reduces the time and hassle spent managing individual contact lists in phones. Updates to the central list are rapidly propagated across your organisation making sure everyone is dialing the right numbers.

The phone books can be used to record the numbers of external clients and suppliers making picking up the phone a whole lot easier. They can also record your internal extension numbers allowing you to find people within your company by name rather than having to remember their individual numbers.

The shared phone books are powered by VIP VoIP’s own LDAP server. LDAP is supported by most VoIP phone manufacturers so you still have flexibility in choosing handsets even when using our shared phone book system.

To get started with shared phone books log in to your VIP VoIP portal and click on the link “Phone Books”. If you need assistance with phone books are have more questions about what you can do with shared phone books then please get in touch.