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Should You Add Business Landlines to Your IT Services?

If you’re an IT service provider, business landlines might have limited appeal as a concept. After all, aren’t they a thing of the past, while what you offer is very much about now and the future?


But while domestic landline use continues to plummet, there are still plenty of very good commercial reasons why businesses still need landlines.


Importantly, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) offers the kind of efficient and advanced technology that ensures landlines are still very much viable for businesses in the 21st century.


And if you’re competing to offer the best IT services to enterprises, then business landlines could be the thing that helps differentiate you in the marketplace. The ideal way to do this is by becoming an authorised reseller.



Why Businesses Need VoIP Landlines


When it comes to business, proper infrastructure and functionality are crucial, but so is image.


Having a business landline via VoIP addresses all these things.


Even if someone’s running a small enterprise, and doing everything through their mobile, or through a single landline, what signal does this give off to their potential prospects and customers?


Image is important. If a business puts a proper call handling system in place, then creates a clear impression of professionalism.


And the landline number clearly isn’t a mobile number. It carries a certain authority, a sense of there being an established body on the other end of the line.


But what if a business already has a landline?


If it isn’t VoIP based, then it’s more likely to be an expense, if not an outright burden. What VoIP offers is an adaptable, scalable cost-effective alternative.


The wrong kind of landline can hamper a business, but the right kind can support its growth and development.


This brings us to the functional and practical aspects of VoIP business landlines, and their excellent functionality.



Functionality and Features of VoIP


Even the basics of VoIP offer business landline users added value. These fundamental features include:


  • Call handling – routing and forwarding calls, automated answer messages
  • Call recording – complete, secure recording of calls
  • Flexibility – free calling between multiple sites, remote working
  • Geographic numbering – numbers for different area codes
  • Compatibility – for smartphones, soft phones and a wide choice of handsets.


VoIP business customers can enjoy the benefits of having a virtual landlines, which will take calls to any designated mobile phone, computer VoIP system or landline.


Then there are added options of virtual conference calls, marketing landlines and industry-specific systems for call centres, taxi operators and care homes.



Why VoIP is the Right Fit for IT Services


Not only can VoIP add value to IT services, it’s a logical extension of them.


IT is all about networks, connectivity and ensuring that people have reliable, secure communications channels.


VoIP is another way of making the most of what the internet can offer businesses by way of connectivity, because it uses established internet connections for channelling phone calls.


Imagine a scenario, where, as an IT service provider, you’re updating an enterprise’s network and migrating it to the cloud. What if you could also offer your customer a state-of-the art phone system too?


And they would benefit from this without needing to massive adjustments to their existing infrastructure.


As a service provider, you’d have the option of offering IT support and installation services AND VoIP – and, where appropriate, you could package these things together.



Expand Your Business Offering


Becoming a VoIP reseller gives you a fully supported platform, which enables you to grow this part of your business rapidly, and, for all its customer-facing aspects, you can brand it as your own service.


You’re free to develop your own customer relationships and build on the existing relationships you have as an IT services provider.


You can set your own pricing policies, including customising retail call rates for your customers.


The flexibility of VoIP packages means you can develop bespoke interfaces for your customers, which will fit in with the kinds of IT support and services you already provide.


What you’ll be doing is offering your customers more, increasing your range of services to satisfy their business needs.


This can help you retain your existing customers, but also expand your customer base.


Plus, because of the natural fit of IT services with VoIP, you’ve got the opportunity to cross-sell your different services.



Become a VoIP Reseller


If you’re in the IT business, then you’re coming to VoIP with a built-in advantage. It’s natural territory for you, and it’s something that should dovetail neatly with what you’re already offering your customers.


But you can enjoy the full support and expertise we offer all our resellers, making it straightforward for you to grow your own VoIP service.


We know it works, because we’ve got a 97% year-on-year customer retention rate.


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