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What becoming a software partner can do for you

Becoming VIP VoIP’s software partner will increase the value of your software, and give you an additional income stream.

We are always looking for software providers to create integrated VoIP partnerships with.

If you have your own software package and are looking to add fantastic telephony functionality to increase the value of your software, then partnering with VIP VoIP is an excellent idea. Further, selling VoIP alongside your software solution can be a great extra revenue stream.

We have the technical capabilities to integrate your software with our VoIP platform. This means your customers get a great quality telephony system that is closely linked to your own CRM or ERP software.

We have APIs for the below features:


  • Call recordings: full recording of calls stored securely.
  • Call popping: matching data with the right customer profile.
  • Statistics for reporting and wallboards: Detailed metrics with real-time information.
  • Number allocation: The flexibility of choosing a number with any area or country code.
  • Creating calls and ring backs: Setting automated calls. 



We can also provide expertise to help specify and deploy telephony systems for your customers to go alongside your software deployments.

As a partner, you’ll also be entitled to a percentage of the revenue generated by your customers every month. We’ll work with you to find out what the best billing arrangement is for your customers and how you can maximize the revenue from them. Our hosted platform offers all the main features of a telephony system and some that would typically be associated with dedicated call center offerings.

Our existing customers range from micro businesses up to large call centers with hundreds of users. Regardless of the size of the deployment, we will definitely have a solution. VIP VoIP has its own developers who can help out with VoIP integrations. Whether it is extending our existing APIs for a particular requirement your customers have or helping your own developers write the code that will talk to our systems. We can provide expertise every step of the way. If you feel that an integrated VoIP service would be appealing to your customers then we would love to talk further with you about this.

Ready to become a software partner?

We’ll be delighted to work with you on integrating our existing APIs and/or building custom VoIP features for your business or for your customers.